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06:50:16 PM Aug 27th 2014
I gotta say after watching the really -doesn't- depart from the book, in terms of nurture vs nature. I mean, they say he has an abnormal brain, but look at how they treat him throughout the entire movie. What they say(and what they believe) doesn't match the reality of their actions.

They beat him and club him.

They scare him with fire.

Fritz basically torments and bullies him.

He gets tranqed by the one guy who seemed to calm him down, and ends up tied up.

People chase him and scream at him.

His 'father', Dr. Frankenstein, basically shuns him and neglects him, and he doesn't understand why.

I mean, the Monster from the movie and the Monster from the book have their staggering differences, but in the end their reasons for being a 'monster' are very much the same.
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