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11:01:23 AM May 16th 2018
Would you consider Vermithrax Pejorative to be a Knight of Cerebus?
09:12:43 PM Jan 19th 2015
Dragonslayer had strong anti-Christian overtones (it involves the rise of Christianity... where they're treated as na´ve upstarts, every Christian is either incompetent or cowardly and portrayed as ineffective and obstructive) that were blatant enough to make it likely the filmmakers were prejudiced against religion, particular Christianity and/or Christians, which several fans and media outlets pointed out upon the film's release. The most egregious example is where the filmmakers took advantage of having the monster, the dragon Vermithrax, graphically kill one when he confronted the dragon, tried to cow it in the name of God and got burnt to death for his troubles. Which trope, or tropes this would fall under, such as Unfortunate Implications, Take That or Author Tract?
01:05:54 AM Jan 20th 2015
Unfortunate Implications, I would think. The other two tropes need evidence that the filmmakers were intentionally anti-religious.
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