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12:41:48 PM Jun 7th 2014
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Does anyone know why Ray would take a ghostbusting assignment without Peter, Egon and Winston?

I've accidentally posted this at the Fridge section and I don't know how to remove. Sorry.
05:38:01 AM Mar 9th 2013
I never understood why they didn't combine some of the half empty Lazarus-fluid bottles to resurrect Casper and the Uncles or whoever. There was a ton of fluid, just spread out across different bottles...
01:58:03 PM Dec 30th 2011
I've got a headscratcher, although there's no Headscratcher tab yet - Kat's dead mom has the power to bring Casper back to life for a night. Nice, yeah, but if he had've taken that resurrection potion for himself before Kat's dad got home he would have been alive properly, and honestly, it wouldn't have exactly been evil. So he sacrificed his life and got an hour tops of being a human, when that angel probably could have brought him back for real for his selfless sacrifice.

That SUCKS! Has ANYBODY got a decent reason why she wouldn't bring him back because if not she's just a bit of a cow really.
05:02:55 PM Sep 25th 2014
Who says angels have that kind of power?
01:41:12 AM Sep 29th 2011
Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome is an inexplicable jump in age for a single (regular, human) character within a show's cast, not differences in age between adaptations or age differences between ghostly / corporeal forms.

  • Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome - Casper, who in the cartoons seemed to be about seven, is stated to be twelve, presumably so he's closer in age to Kat, who looks to be about thirteen or fourteen.* And it doesn't matter how much time has passed since then because as a ghost he can't age at all. His age gets even more confusing at the end of the film, when Casper takes a corporeal human form so he can dance with Kat at her party— the actor playing "alive" Casper is Devon Sawa, who would have been about 16 or 17 at the time of the film's release, and looks even older. Certainly nowhere near 12! Not quite Dawson Casting but a large enough age gap to be visually confusing.
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