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08:49:37 PM Mar 16th 2013
edited by Rebochan
Okay, since Fast Eddie made that edit to the intro that removed it for no real reason...what was opinion and review? Is it now not a fact that the movie got terrible reviews and killed the franchise? In fact, I'm pretty sure that IS the intro we all agreed upon for this page, oh, five years ago, during the great Batman and Robin wars.

I'm obviously not going to put it back and start an edit war with the guy that runs the site, but seriously, you wiped the entire intro with no clue on how to put an actual intro into the article that says anything more than "This is a movie."
09:10:59 PM Mar 16th 2013
edited by Rebochan
While waiting for a response, I worked up an alternate intro that I hope addresses the concerns with the last one.

1997's Batman & Robin was the fourth and final film in the original Batman franchise. Like its predecessor, Batman Forever, it was headed up by Joel Schumacher and retains that film's campier style, dual villains, and over the top aesthetic.

Following up the storyline from the previous movie, Batman and Robin are now a duo and do battle with the new cold-themed villain, Mr. Freeze (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger). The combative nature of their partnership is further tested by the emergence of a second villain, Poison Ivy (played by Uma Thurman), who has a grudge to bear against all mankind and drives a seductive wedge between them. When Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze form an unusual partnership and plan to freeze Gotham and take over the world, the Dynamic Duo appears outmatched. Good thing Alfred's niece is in town and he made her a batsuit...

Unlike it's predecessor, which was a massive success for its studio and a pop culture phenomenon, the movie became a notorious critical disaster and became the final film in the original series, killing a fifth film that was also in production. Eight years later, a Continuity Reboot starting with Batman Begins formed a new series that would become the The Dark Knight Saga.

The film is not to be confused with Batman & Robin, the Grant Morrison comic series of the same title, or the Frank Miller series All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder

Followed by Batman Begins - although it was not a direct sequel, but rather the start of a separate series, The Dark Knight Saga.
11:15:01 AM Mar 22nd 2013
So, one week later, no response. I'm going to put this up and please request that if this is taken down, that a proper response on how to fix it is added. Wiping the entire introduction without reason is not constructive.
11:37:50 AM Mar 22nd 2013
Seems reasonable to me. Needed more information than "this existed."
10:29:18 PM Jul 29th 2012
I took out the lengthy discussion on the Batman Triumphant sequel since it wasn't really relevant to this page. It's interesting as trivia, but the intro to a works page really only needs to be relevant to the work's tropes.
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