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12:42:39 PM Apr 19th 2015
I'm not totally sure if The Second-Hand Fool should be on this page or not. On the one hand, it DOES technically meet the criteria of having someone willing to recommend it...but on the other hand, it's not just bad it's INTENTIONALLY bad and proud of it.
03:38:42 AM Oct 28th 2013
edited by
Should I add this crossover?

The Inaba-Sky Lagoon incident by BlackTyrantValvatorez
  • Recommended by: Cybran General Sturm
  • Crossover of Persona 4 and Mega Man X
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Magma Dragoon has crashed the floating city Sky Lagoon into the rural town of Inaba as part of a plan to commit a terrible atrocity. Having survived, Yu Narukami and the Investigation Team are now ready to exact revenge on the Maverick.
I need to know if this meets the requirements before posting. If not, then it will not go on the Fanfic Recommendations page.
03:01:37 PM Dec 17th 2013
It looks like no one is leaving any comments related to this crossover around, so I will assume that it does not meet one or more requirements to be listed in Fanfic Recommendations.
12:52:38 PM Sep 26th 2012
Is it ok if I delete this entry?

Getting Even With the Girls by MovieVillain
  • Recommended by Protoypefan
  • Synopsis: The boys are planning to get payback on the girls for their misery at the Amagi Inn.
  • Comments:

There are no comments related to it, and the fic, frankly, is subpar. It's supposed to be a humorous story, yet, the only "humour" is a classic booby trap (yes, that's all). Also, the writing is terrible and there are tons of grammatical errors. Objectively, the story isn't anything worth reading, and I suspect it was recommended by its author.
06:27:59 PM Oct 28th 2013
Yeah. I read the story and it is complete crap. You were wise in deleting the entry.
06:24:46 AM Jul 16th 2011
Someone deleted this entry:

Persona 4: Split Personalities by Kisdota-The Freak Gamer
  • Recommended by strangerthenever
  • Synopsis: Same story as the original game, but this time, the Personas are sentient and they talk back to their users. Hilarity Ensues
  • Comments: Each of the Personas', personalities fits their appearances and they have different attitudes according to the owner. Izanagi (Protagonist) is the wise leader guy, Jiraiya (Yosuke) is a womanizer and a butt monkey with little respect for his owner, Tomoe-Gozen (Chie) is a no-nonsense warrior who always smacked Jiraiya when he does something stupid and so on. There are minor changes when in boss fights and there are bits of slice of life about the heroes and their Personas, but it's all a good read.

Claiming that it was "cutting fluff." It looks like a legitimate rec to me, so why was it cut?
04:46:07 PM Jul 18th 2011
I put it back. I'm not familiar with Persona, but that is not a legitimate reason to cut a rec.
08:44:42 AM Jul 19th 2011
edited by ChemicalFire
Someone needs to learn the distinction between good fics, bad fics, and troll fics. This is the latter. Therefore, fluff.
12:47:55 PM Jul 19th 2011
In what sense is it a trollfic? The reviews seem pretty positive.

Can you explain your reasoning, please? Ordinarily, we do not delete recs just because one troper doesn't like them.
03:52:14 PM Jul 19th 2011
Yeah; if you don't think a fic is good, say so on the main page but don't delete the entry entirely. While I agree that this fic isn't necessarily amazing, fanfic recs are by definition subjective—express your opinion but don't force it on others.
07:01:05 PM Jul 19th 2011
...You actually read it, right? It has all the markings of somebody who's been trolling, and apparently for years. Don't judge solely by the reviews, that's more than stupid. Furthermore, you do quality policy, I would assume, about recs that get up here, and this is absolute garbage. Only reason would would bad/trollfic recs on this site is if they were notable for what they do, but this isn't even notable. It's just sad.
11:55:34 PM Jul 19th 2011
I've read the entire chapter. None of seems bad nor trollish

How the flying f*** did you think this is a trollfic? Aren't they supposed to be f***ed up, gives us nauseating thoughts, with OOC and whatnot?

But isn't the point of fanfic recs to tell the world about certain fanfic(s) that's need more love?

I mean how else did all the famous fanfics got here, get known by Tropers who don't know which fanfics to read AND got their own page right here in this site?
03:14:12 PM Jul 20th 2011
edited by ChemicalFire
Most of the fics getting here are getting put by people who care. If it wasn't posted as a rec in 2009 when it first began, what change made it suddenly worth a spot up here two years later? Clearly, it wasn't notable. And if you can't see the quality problem that manages to blur this thing into a bad/trollfic, you need to do a double check on it. Compare this thing to the things already posted on this recs page, and you'll see why it doesn't belong up here. Besides, nauseating thoughts and ridiculous OOC? This isn't? This has those very things, and not even written in a remarkable way.
04:18:59 PM Jul 20th 2011
I put it there cause I think the story and the idea behind the story is pretty interesting.

If this is as bad as you claim, how about you elaborate on its badness and proof to us that this is indeed a trollfic. I'm more open minded that most people, alternate intepretation of a character is okay as long as it didn't stray too far from the original and the fic I recommended also has good reviews.

How bout you, have you actually read the fic?
03:02:32 AM Jul 21st 2011
edited by ChemicalFire
Indeed I have. I read it thorough enough to know that this doesn't have the qualifications to be thrown up on tropes. Between the completely incorrect characterization of Take-Mikazuchi as a subservient yakuza to Kanji (who isn't even a gangster, adding to the Wall Bangery), to the absolutely ridiculous moments between Jaraiya and Tomoe-Gozen. It can only get worse when the personae resolve. Furthermore, the formatting of the writing makes it sloppy and inconsistent to read. Yes, I've read it. If it's not a trollfic, then it's still a badfic, and therefore needs to be left off the recs page.

Oh, I agree. The concept is interesting, but you know who else did a similar story with a much better execution? Fic_jargon, but I don't see her fic red- Oh fuck, that's right, she has her entire archive of fics on her livejournal set up as recs here. All distinct in their quality, like someone put a lot of effort into them.

And anyway, that last point, reviews? Reviews are not indicative of a good story. More often that not, you see reviews on the site that offer nothing but blind praise. Very rarely do you see anyone offering anything in negative connotations unless it's a stolen fic or it's just outright offensive. So let this be a lesson to you, do not rely on reviews as a means to justify this fic. "Well, other people like it," does not work as a defense because those people like it and a slew more avoid the fic because it's crap.

05:49:49 AM Jul 21st 2011
edited by Iaculus
This seems to be one against several. We usually don't remove fics without a clear consensus.

On the other hand, you're welcome to chalk up a negative review of the story if you so wish, Chemical. Come to think of it, we really need to convert this page to the currently-approved format for fanfic recs.
12:50:24 PM Jul 21st 2011
I've forgotten that reviews aren't alway an honest opinion, they just don't want to offend the author or something similar. You made your point.

02:45:40 AM Jul 22nd 2011
edited by BobbyG
Iaculus is right. We don't generally remove recs without consensus.

There Is No Such Thing as Notability. The only criterion necessary for a fic to qualify as notable is that a troper must sign their recommendation. The only reason I didn't simply put it back was because you said it was trolling, but it doesn't appear that it is.

And no, admittedly I didn't read very much of it, but I don't think it would do much good if I did since I have no idea who any of these characters are or what they're supposed to act like. I did read enough of it to know that it's better written than My Immortal or Thirty Hs.

If there are no further objections, I think the rec should go back on the page.
06:02:38 AM Jul 22nd 2011
"...but I don't think it would do much good if I did since I have no idea who any of these characters are or what they're supposed to act like."

This right here, part of the problem. How can you know if it isn't a trollfic if you aren't familiar with the source material? Do explain.


"The only criterion necessary for a fic to qualify as notable is that a troper must sign their recommendation."

This is very fucking dangerous. What were to happen if I took this and decided to throw up a bunch of fics that I thought were the bombest shit you could possibly read? It'd be all cooL? Of course not, some other piss-stain would get annoyed at me because I'm throwing up so many goddamn fic recs, most of which probably aren't even good.

The rec doesn't need to go back on the page because, as I've explained, it is a trollfic, and what with you outright stating that you pretty much aren't familiar with the source, you're not in a position to really judge "Oh, it looks alright, so it's fine as a rec." It doesn't work on any logical scale, sorry.
10:10:15 AM Jul 22nd 2011
Well, I don't know it isn't a trollfic, which is why we're having this discussion. If I knew it wasn't a trollfic I'd have just added it again and told you to deal with it. But since I'm not familiar with the work, I decided to ask about it here, and it looks as though the only person who thinks it's a trollfic is you.

"What were to happen if I took this and decided to throw up a bunch of fics that I thought were the bombest shit you could possibly read? It'd be all cooL?"

Then you'd be trolling.
01:09:00 PM Jul 22nd 2011
Alright, then take it from someone who put some hundred hours into Persona 4 and knows the game like the back of my hand. This is not trollfic. It isn't amazing fic, but there's definitely an attempt at keeping people in character and reasonably true to the story. I've seen much, much worse and while I don't necessarily agree that this is something that belongs on the Recs page, I'll still respect the opnion of the troper who originally posted it.
11:10:21 AM Jul 23rd 2011
Thanks moberemk.

Let's put it this way; it's so okay it's average.

Not all fic are awesome or terrible, gotta have a middle ground somewhere.
04:27:25 PM Nov 15th 2011
I would argue that It should be taken off. If ye took the time to read it, it should be obvious how badly written it is.Yes, there are worst fanfiction out there- but that's no excuse for putting a mediocre story among others that are actually well-written, thought-provoking, heartwarming, heartbreaking, awesome or just plain funny.

this story is not well-written. the only thing it can be is funny, and even then the jokes are very weak and few-and-far between. the whole point of the reccomendation page was posting links to stories and authors who are worth dying for. that's what it says at the top of every page- 'proof that 10% is worth dying for'.

I really doubt that the troper who posted it up there actually thought it was worth dying for. entertaining, maybe- but it simply doesn't match the standard of ANY of the other fics up there.
08:37:16 PM Feb 24th 2012
I read though it and I would have to say it is very "meh" overall. I've also noticed an increase in spelling mistakes in the later chapters, but that's the grammar Nazi in me talking. The few good parts are...few...and some of the events seemed very dragged out. Characters often don't act like they should and overall the structure is very odd. I wouldn't go so far to call it a "trollfic," but it isn't nearly as good as all the other recs.
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