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01:37:23 PM Feb 26th 2014
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There were a lot of anonymous comments, Conversation on the Main Page, and comments that oversell the fic. What's the policy on commenting? A lot of comments basically state "this is the best fic" ever, while some aren't signed.

  • Reload - no signed comments, at all.
  • All Is Relative Except The Stubborness Of A Demon
  • End of one World
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • The Lives Worth Saving
  • Mixed With The Lightning of Slaughter
  • Naruto: Game of the Year Edition - Conversation on the Main Page
  • Savior
  • Time and Again
  • Yet again with a little extra help

05:07:11 PM Feb 26th 2014
Yet Again [...] had a lot of comments at some point, due to being the longest available Naruto fic there is. If they're not there anymore, SOMEONE removed them and didn't bother putting them in the reviews section.

I don't know if Fuzzy Logic is in the same situation, but I can sign if it's in danger of being removed.
03:39:14 AM Feb 22nd 2013
Having just been stymied when I went to look up Time Braid's page and found that it was gone, I did a little searching and found the reason for it's removal. While I find the grounds for it's classification as 'porn'(which was the justification for it's deletion) to be rather shaky, if that is where a HARD line is being drawn, then by the same token, you need to nuke Chunin Exam Day, both it's reccomendation AND it's individual page for the exact same reason.

To wit: Time Braid was apparently nuked because of an offscreen sex scene between Sakura, Ino, and Sasuke, all of whom are 12 at the time.

Chunin Exam Day has a scene (in chapter 24-25) where, similarly offscreen, there are not one, but three simultaneous sex scenes. In this case, between two 12 year olds (Naruto x Hinata), a 12 year old and a 13 year old (Naruto x Tenten), and a 12 year old and a 15 year old (Naruto x Temari).

While I happen to like Chunin Exam Day (for certain values of 'like'), if you're going to nuke Time Braid, then you have to nuke it, too.
03:23:58 PM Feb 22nd 2013
I tried to remove it, but it's apparently been put under some list as "not allowed to be removed." Sorry. So Time Braid is staying off (however much I may contest the decision), and Chunin Exam Day is staying on (however much I may disagree with the excuse).
02:16:21 PM Feb 23rd 2013
Yeah, a while after my above post, I found the discussion thread for Ch Ex D. Apparently it's not allowed to be removed as it's still under discussion. I REALLY wish I'd known about the policy change when it was happening, though. Reading through the discussion about why Time Braid was removed, it seemed that the decision panel had several people who were biased against the subject matter (Naruto Fics) and really didn't bother to actually READ the fic in question.

I mean, I can understand that these guys have a lot of work cut out for them, and there are quite a lot of fics to review and that it's by definition not always an easy job. Heck, I'd never be able to do it, because I get very picky about grammar and spelling sometimes. So I end up giving up on a lot of fics because there are grammar growing pains at the beginning that I just can't make myself ignore enough to get past no matter HOW good it's supposed to get later.

Still, though, there were several reviewers who got all huffy about certain scenes, and reading them talking about said scenes, it became VERY clear that they didn't really read the story, as the context around it gives it an entirely different meaning. Instead, they seem to have just gone, googled up the scene in question, read it flat without context, then made a flat decision there.

All I can say is that if they'd actually made a more informed decision and still said 'we had to draw a line somewhere, and because of these technicalities, this crosses them, however briefly and/or accidentally', I'd respect that.

As it is, I'm just annoyed.

Though if Ch Ex Day gets left in after Time Braid gets panned, THEN I'll be upset. It's JUST as bad in the critical ways, if not worse. Despite how mentally old Naruto et al may get in Ch Ex Day, they're all stuck at the same physical ages (ie, 12-15 for most of the group).

Time Braid, however, has all the characters who actually do 'adult' stuff actually BE adults both physically and mentally with the possible exception of the scene in chapter 2 that's one of the main points of controversy. Here's also where I find the evidence that some of the reviewers are biased against Naruto (or are at least unfamiliar with the series), as they seemed to treat the scene as being put there solely for pandering. Anyone who's ever really paid any attention to the material, however, would know for well and certain that at least part of the setup of that scene would have been the fulfulment of one of canon Sakura's most driving ambitions.

Yes, she's mentally probably only a year or two older than canon. Physically, she's a heck of a lot older. There is never anything explicit said or done in the scene. In fact, it's no worse than the recollection of an older character mentioning in the narrative that when she was younger, she did something kind of stupid that really didn't work out the way she wished it had.

Actually, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a trope that covers that exact thing?
04:51:12 PM Feb 23rd 2013
...I agree completely. I even tried to get Chunin Exam Day removed, but I can't. This wouldn't have been too much of a problem, but I'm actually a huge fan of Time Braid and think of that one particular scene of controversy as one that sets up a lot of emotional turmoil and plot, which Chunin Exam Day often lacks.
03:11:05 AM May 18th 2013
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Seriously. Chunin Exam Day's relationships are basically "mentally thousand year old guy starts having sex with and marries kids who join his harem." I'm not sure if Chunin Exam Day has sexual assault scenes like Time Braid, but it's pretty fucked up sex wise.
11:16:36 AM May 18th 2013
Exactly. But unfortunately, Chunin Exam Day is on a list of works that can't be removed due to sexual nature.
10:32:00 PM Aug 22nd 2015
I'm glad I searched for a trope page for Time Braid when I didn't find it on any potential rec page instead of just picking one (I wasn't sure if a time loop qualified as Peggy Sue) and adding it. That sucks, though; it's a really great story, and that's such a tiny part of it.
07:43:11 PM Aug 15th 2012
Time Braid is no longer allowed to be added to this page. Please don't add Time Braid.
02:19:12 PM Aug 18th 2012
why it is not?

12:08:20 AM Aug 19th 2012
edited by Telcontar
Fanfic recs are endorsement of a story. Time Braid violates the Content Policy, so it is not to be endorsed. Go here and use ctrl + F to find links to the discussion about it.
11:09:44 AM Sep 18th 2012
Pity. Well, at least it's a sort of admittance that it was BOTH notable and in violation of content policy after changes were made.
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