Fanfic Recs Naruto Alt Fic And Crack Fic Discussion

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12:23:59 PM Sep 12th 2016
"HACK" -Recommending that this rec be removed. Subjective, I know, but I just don't think it's any good. There's no real story there, even for a crack fic.
12:36:21 PM Sep 12th 2016
Especially for a Crack Fic, that isn't really grounds to remove a fanfic rec.

As odd as it is, as long as it wasn't an author pimping their own work, there isn't really any grounds to remove a rec.

Though fact the synopsis is a copy/paste of the official synopsis is breaking the rules.
01:34:21 PM Jun 4th 2014
Request that this page be split up? Alt and Crack fics are somewhat unrelated, and for someone looking for a good crack fic, this page is filled with irrelevant stories, and vice versa. Could we plausivly change it to look like the Harry Potter section's split instead, with a Humor/Crack page (two genres that are much more connected) and then place the A Us elsewhere?
01:39:09 PM Oct 19th 2016
Yes, this page really needs to have its title changed and content sorted, especially considering there is a page specifically for AUs here.
10:26:50 AM Oct 31st 2016
Seconded that these need to be seperated, especially since not all recommendations are clear about what type of fic it is; crack or AU (though it can usually be inferred from the synopsis).

On the subject of just adding everything to For Want Of A Nail, however, I disagree. Alternate Universe encompasses more than just "A story in which one small change has a ripple effect, resulting in massive changes." (from the main FWOAN page). An AU can be a complete overhaul of the setting, High School AU's being a prominent example.
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