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08:20:26 AM May 31st 2012
I removed a few wicks to Your Mileage May Vary because that redirect is explicitly not to be used for this purpose (i.e to say "you might disagree").
06:51:41 PM Sep 13th 2011
Some weird trend I noticed here: Granted, tastes differ, but most fics have as comment nothing more but 'Original Flavor'. While it is always nice to see a fanfic managing to capture the feeling, humour, etc of Discworld (Especially of Discworld) IMHO it would be nice to get a few more reasons as to why the link should be clicked and the story get read. After all, whether or not a story does deserve the seal of Original Flavor is up to the respective reader. And especially when it comes to Discworld Fanfiction it does happen quite often that a story one says to read like canon another can easily file under badfic and wonder whether or not the author has actually ever read one of the books.

Therefore: A few more comments about why one recommends a story would be very nice. (This actually goes for fanfic-recommendations in general, I dare say) Thank you.
07:12:57 AM Sep 30th 2011
No! No more comments!! See the Fan Fic Recommendations index page. The comments field is gone, it's been replaced with the reviews link. By all means leave a review, but a "comments" field should not be inserted even on new recs, it just makes it harder work when some poor sod has to convert the page. This policy has been in place for a year, easily. Stop leaving comments, if you have something to share on a fic, insert the review code (if it isn't already there) and leave a review. If you're recommending a new fic, put a review code link in instead. If you've previously recommended fics, help us out and delete the "comments" and change it to a review.
06:20:54 PM Jan 25th 2011
I just read Lords and Ladies and was wondering ... is there any Mustrum/Esme fanfiction out there? tells me no, but it's fairly limited.
06:31:37 AM Sep 30th 2011
One chapter of my "Discworld Tarot" on Fan Fic deals with this, or at least Mustrum's wistful thoughts on the issue... the link takes you straight there, but do read the lot!
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