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03:56:14 PM Oct 18th 2010
Eliza is also a copycat Sue. The author makes it clear that Eliza and Hermione look alike, not to mention she makes it clear that Eliza is smarter then Hermione. She then goes and copies the fact that Harry was a parselmouth.
04:30:21 PM Oct 21st 2010
So why don't you just add that to the page?
04:31:38 PM Oct 21st 2010
Not to the page - to the YMMV tab, please.

That's what we do with subjective tropes now.
02:22:32 PM Nov 20th 2010
Because I am still trying to figure out how it works, but I will try.
09:19:01 PM Aug 20th 2010
I read EDS's work back in the day and liked it. Looking back, I liked the lightness and the wacky sense of humor. Eliza Diawna and company were Sues, but they were of the less inoffensive kind, an innocent Sue bent on making all the characters friends.

I corresponded with EDS briefly via email - I forget why, though my only really successful fic was hosted on her site. I did wonder why she was so certain that her site was the premier for quality HP fic, but attributed it to the pride that so easily swells the heads of young, popular fic writers. After all, HP was shiny and new at the time (get off my lawn!) and many of us had no idea what to do when people we'd never met started telling us how awesome our stories were.

For those interested, is still available through the Wayback Machine (
03:53:16 PM Apr 29th 2010
Spam Warrior 3000 I was the one who first told the bit about the T-shirt and the premier. It wasn't just that, either; one of the shots of Diagon Alley included a young, curly-haired brunette extra who she insisted had to be an homage to her character. When I knew her she was a nice girl but incredibly socially inept, and apparently just didn't understand why you don't do stuff like that and expect to get the reaction you want. In her defense, she was seventeen and had been very, very sheltered all her life, but at times being in public with her could be...awkward. The T-shirt thing was by no means the most embarrassing, though it was pretty far up there.
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