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09:46:47 PM Nov 19th 2017
Removal of mitigating circumstances for "Good Is Dumb" seems probable to have been accidental. Restore without removing additions to "Good Running Evil"?
10:08:01 PM Nov 19th 2017
Agreed, but perhaps also rewrite to conform to Example Indentation in Trope Lists, if it doesn't conform.

If it's not too much work.
11:34:26 PM Sep 20th 2012
I'm thinking we might need to start breaking the tropes up by stroy arc, or alphabetically, since there's so many. I'll make the page more useful overall and easier to update.

07:45:24 AM Sep 21st 2012
No. there aren't that many tropes. Also, by story arc? What.
02:14:08 PM Sep 21st 2012
To elaborate: the Bald of awesome trope is only relevant in the post-Avatar islands arc. Each arc is theoreticly capable of standing under it's own merits as a story in a series of stories, each with it's own climax, big bad, and 'mission'. I know of a couple of fanfics that have their tropes broken up that way, so it's not a 'what' thing, really. the TV shows section has it broken up by episode, it could be like that.

For example:

The Arachne/Mallus arc

The Duel/Voyage arc

The Avatar Islands arc

And of course, overall themes, shoutouts, homages, and reoccuring plot elements as another catagory.

Alphabetically would be fine too, of course. At any rate, it's perfectly reasonable, even at this point, as it will only get harder to do as time passes and the articles lengthen.

How's that?
07:04:53 PM Sep 15th 2011
edited by GLH
I'm thinking about moving the "Draco in leather pants" trope to the YMMV page. The reason being that as "Dumb" as the Fairies seem to be with their actions, their actions actually make a great deal of sense.

From their perspective they were "Rescued" either against or without orders by Jadeite. They didn't know he was acting on orders from Mercury, Jadeite didn't help matters by being as vague as he was, and since only one of the fairies was awake at the time, the rest of them heard stories of how they were "Secretly rescued by this handsome stranger."

In a later episode where Mercury wanted to ask them a few questions and Jadeite went to bring them along, the fairies knocked him out, and as they were wondering why such a good person could be working for such an evil being, one of them put up the idea that he was brainwashed or mind controlled. When they took him along to a temple they got circumstantial evidence that he was indeed being mind-controlled (and considering the context regarding that it was a believable thought and-slash-or scene).

Even through all of that though, even though they think him to be "Good" person, they were still willing to try and kick his ass were he to attack them back in the episode "Mukrezar's Return".

So I think this is just a case of the "Viewers being Idiots" rather than a case of "Draco in leather pants", hence why unless someone puts up a good argument otherwise, I'm moving that trope to the YMMV part of the page.
06:29:25 PM Jun 30th 2011
I'm thinking of changing the link in the page from the link to the first chapter to the link to the entire story listing. This is the Link to the story listing in its entirety. Any objections to this change being made?
10:07:43 PM May 25th 2011
suntzu stated in one of his edits that Calling her "Empress" is a bit of a spoiler. Should I make an effort to hide pratically all the spoilers, should we only work to avoid spoilers for the past so many chapter (say, twenty?), or what?

I ask as there is a SHITLOAD of details here that are spoilers, and the part he edited was so minor as to make me go "What? Why would you do that but not touch anything else, or even the other instances of it?"
03:39:27 AM May 26th 2011
The way I see it, at least, that bit wasn't a minor spoiler. It's a major event in the story that may well change how the game is played, so to speak.

...And I edited that part specifically because it caught my eye while I was checking the history of the page. ^^'
03:52:09 AM May 26th 2011
Well, that still doesn't quite answer the question. Should I hide more details in the page, or leave it as is?
11:04:37 AM Jun 8th 2011
Hm. I think a few of the details should be hidden, though only those that reveal major stuff, like her big victories, Jadeite, the return of the Avatar...
04:11:36 AM May 19th 2011
Until we get a character list, I am copying the list of traits made up for the fairies courtesy of the author, in one of the more recent entries, for reference.

Camilla: blond (yellow, healer) idealistic, cute, cheerful, round and childlike features, short, youngest

Melissa: blue (caring, selfless), scryer, mage

Anise: red (twin short swords), proud, glutton

Roselle: orange (hopeful, brave, teasing)

Cerasse: violet (tactician, snobby, neat freak) breathy tone of voice, plays chess, likes tentacle monster

Dandel: indigo (leader, ice, eldest) professional, responsible

Tilia: green (overconfident, observant)

12:24:11 AM Dec 26th 2010
-"Color Coded for your Convenience"...I thought the "dress code" was just the dark elf bullshitting Ami?
06:37:28 AM Mar 27th 2011
The dungeon tiles during the power grab on the Avatar Islands as well as the senshi and fairy uniforms would still count, though.
08:53:24 PM Nov 14th 2010
edited by
SUGGESTIONS/CORRECTIONS This is for people who don't want to make a login ID for whatever reason but still want to contribute. PLEASE REMOVE ITEMS as you put them into the article.

—In "Mind Control Device", change "planned on" to "considered". I don't believe they ever had anything that could be called a "plan" to kill Ami, although it was on the table before they joined her Dungeon.

—In "Crowning Moment of Awesome", either add "or defeating the FREAKING AVATAR" to the end of the list (and delete "or" from the previous item), or simply replace the ENTIRE list with this item. Capslock is optional.
11:06:17 PM Mar 19th 2011
Regarding the "Mind control device" response, it was stated twice in-story that they had considered killing Ami AFTER they had joined her. One when Ami collapsed into sleep after defeating Keeper Malleus, and another time when Jered was recounting how things were actually working out for them (save the whole deathly peril aspect they kept facing), and how he was glad that Cathy talked him out of killing Mercury when he had a chance to do so.
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