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01:29:29 PM Jan 15th 2011
Moved this part (which I didn't write) to the discussion page for the time being. Perhaps we should add a Troper Tales page?

This troper went to the same school (The Woodhall School in Bethlethem, CT) as our hero. I can assure you that everything he wrote is dead serious. He thought that he had magical powers, and would causally mention that he had killed stadiums full of people the night before. I didn't deal with him, but I heard that he was also a pathological liar, for example reporting a large knife on school campus that within hours had changed colours and grown and shrunk several inches. Obviously, the school went on lockdown because of this- plus, he was a complete ass. He was not terribly popular, but he did have one friend, who is almost as weird. Calling the two bullies is not fair. Living in the same very small dorm with kids like Humber, to say the least, does not bring out the best in you.
11:21:39 PM Feb 16th 2011
Damn it. That webcomic was priceless, in part due to the art. Surely there was a fair use loop-hole that guy could have used. Maybe he could have just changed the name "Christian Humber".

Oh well. A damn shame that it went down, but I put up a salute to its death. I shall always remember thee, hilarious webcomic.
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