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04:49:10 AM Aug 15th 2013
for Take This Waltz: i'm terribly sorry but that almost doesn't even fall into YMMV anymore. a lot of people find sarah silverman's nude scene very sexy precisely _because_ she looks like an average woman. the only reason this scene could fall under fan disservice are the older women which are also part of the scene but definitely not sarah herself.
10:02:53 AM Mar 20th 2012
Under Epic Movie:

Also, a bit of Jayma Mays' sexy back, but after she's just had sex with Fred Willard dressed as a lion.

Sexy Back has been split into Toplessness from the Back and Sexy Backless Outfit, but this description doesn't give enough context to determine which it should be. Please check both definitions and put it under the correct trope.
08:08:51 AM Aug 15th 2013
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