Draco In Leather Pants Live Action TV Discussion

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12:15:11 AM Mar 21st 2013
Should we keep the Morarity example? I'm a part of the Sherlock fan, and most of the fans love him for, "love to hate" at worst their try to gave him a

tragic past(which to be fair, we don't know anything....other then him murdering a child.) But I never really saw, anyone try to turn him into a

harmless puppy or a saint. I can not speak for the shippers, since I don't really ship him with anyone though.
10:17:52 AM Nov 21st 2010
Ba'al from Star Gate, Spike from Buffy, Francis Urquhat from House of Cards and Darken Rahl from Seeker were originally intended to be evil and sexy. Fangirls redeeming them with the Power of Love and making them sexy and good is only ONE step away from the original character concept. They belong in a separate trope.

Draco and Snape are written as ugly and evil. Fangirls change TWO alignments of their characters.
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