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05:39:24 AM Mar 22nd 2012
About Bubsy... since I never played any of the games, which voice actor for Omochao are you referring to for Bubsy's voice in Bubsy 3D? There are more than one you could look at (some of them sounding at least somewhat different).
06:02:36 AM Nov 11th 2010
edited by AlucardSX
I was wondering how best to react to this World of Warcraft entry.

  • In many ways, the gameplay of World of Warcraft is completely at odds with the story - for example, in Wrath of the Lich King, the Horde and Alliance are allied against the Lich King, but you can still fight the opposing faction in various PVP modes, as if the Horde and Alliance were still at war.

It's flat out wrong. In fact, the game goes to huge lengths troughout the expansion to show that Horde and Alliance are not allies at all. So should I just delete the entry as I would on a standard page or would a (respectful, non-inflammatory) reply be appropriate due to the more subjective nature of Darth Wiki.
03:04:42 PM Mar 20th 2010
edited by BonsaiForest
Why are most of these disowning GAMES for their STORY?

I mean, Shadow the Hedgehog had horrible gameplay!!! I hated it for that reason. I don't hate it because the story branches in 11 different directions.

Many of these disowned games are actually bad GAMES, but are listed as bad because they have a dumb story.

Others are still very popular games loved for their gameplay, and very successfully, apparently disowned by a small, vocal minority of detractors for reasons that the average person couldn't care about.
05:41:03 AM Mar 27th 2010
Discontinuity is the act of throwing out events in fiction that don't sit well. Hence why most of the examples involve throwing things out becuase of story. Bad Gameplay is not a fictional event.
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