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10:34:58 PM May 7th 2014
The entry claiming chapter 233 to be the "Dethroning Moment of Suck" of the whole series is just wrong. Naruto didn't "throw the fight"; he couldn't win. Sasuke was superior, and it shows. Why would Naruto throw the fight anyway? He wanted to bring Sasuke back to Konoha; losing on purpose is just plain stupid. Come on, he's not that dumb.
05:37:06 AM May 8th 2014
He purposely aimed for Sasuke's headband instead of landing his attack on a more harmful spot.
06:36:30 AM May 8th 2014
I don't remember that being the case. That said, going for a non-lethal KO (or really any sort of holding back) is not the same as "throwing a fight."
07:00:24 AM May 8th 2014
It is if said attack is a nail scratch on a metal plate.
01:25:00 PM Jun 17th 2014
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I think you have to re-watch that fight. When their attacks connected and the ball of light engulfed them, Sasuke saw an opening and stroke Naruto in the stomach. It was a powerful enough blow to make Naruto flinch (and, later, lose consciousness), which caused him to scratch Sasuke's headband. If you pay attention, neither of them had either the Rasengan or the Chidori in their hands; presumably when the two techniques connected they transformed into the ball of light. Therefore, Sasuke's attack was nothing but sheer strength, while Naruto scratching the headband was a result of his long nails reaching said item (while trying to grab him by the hair or something, probably?). Therefore, Sasuke's attack made Naruto miss. He did not throw the fight; Sasuke saw an opportunity and he took it.
11:05:31 AM Oct 2nd 2013
So I was looking trough the Road to Ninja entry, specifically Sakura's behavior. In response someone said,

"Blame whoever wrote the script for that, probably the same person who did the goddamn two year long filler as well as the third movie."

I thought I should mention that Road to Ninja, to celebrate Naruto's tenth anniversary, was written and/or supervised by Kishimoto HIMSELF! So it should be mentioned that he either approved and/or wrote it everything in the movie, including Sakura's attitude.
02:01:17 PM Apr 21st 2013
...So Kakashi should have left his best friend to die? Really?
03:54:17 PM Feb 19th 2013
Removing obvious entry contesting and putting it here for discussion where it should go.

  • ExplosiveIsamu00: This troper would like to point out that the "hatred" was not a result of the sharingan, but the other way around. Pain, sadness, and probably general bad feelings are what makes the sharingan manifest, and the danger, fear, pain or sadness that death represents just makes it easier to develop (death of a comrade, family, fear of one's death, and so on); it's not like the sharingan makes them act like that, but their own inability to suppress or even control those feeling (or any feeling, for that matter) is what drives them to become what Madara and Sasuke have become, (the sharingan being kind of a physical manifestation of those feelings overpowering the common sense in every Uchiha). Even worse when the person in question reacts not to a natural death, but to murder, or assassination. When a person so hopelessly vulnerable to give in to their feelings, so hilariously weak in a psychological level goes trough the freakishly wrong act of losing their loved ones to the hands of others, it's just natural that they retaliate by giving death to everyone and everything, sometimes in a much bigger scale than what they experienced: they just can't help it, because the pain, the sorrow, the anger would never fade away. In a way, you could say that their genetic trait is not their "strong" feelings or their insanity, but their mental weakness, their vulnerability and inability to deal with those feelings, which in turn leads to their insanity. And the whole Uchiha clan going south thing was The Second's fault. What did he expect, anyway? The Uchiha was just a bomb waiting to blow up; they had to be careful with the way they handled them, and treating them like dogs, closing them up on a corner of the village and giving them the whole "Konoha Police Force" deal which could fool no one and clearly was a way of controlling and keeping tabs on them was definitely the stupidest thing The Second (and by extension, the Elders) could have done. Maybe treating them like human beings and an important part of the village could have delayed the inevitable by a few years (i. e. the Uchiha erasing themselves of the map), if not actually succeed in calming them down.
03:15:03 PM Aug 19th 2012
Why is the fact that madara is very powerful, is considered an example?

Frieza also was overwhelmingly powerful and is not considered an example.

12:01:56 PM Sep 26th 2012
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Yes, it is an example because Word of God states that Madara now has absolutely no weaknesses. Only something along the lines of the Demonic Soul Seal, which successfully sealed half of the Nine-Tailed Fox, would have even the slightest chance at defeating him (then again, Madara probably could shrug that off too, since it can only seal half of the Nine-Tails' chakra, nothing more).
05:54:38 AM Jun 25th 2012
So why's the Izanami thing keep getting removed anyway?
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