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Dethroning Moment: Naruto
"Even I can't believe it..."
Naruto himself, ladies and gentlemen.

Believe it? I couldn't believe it one bit.

Given how long Naruto has been going on, it was only a matter of time before he used the Dethroning Jutsu.

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  • Sageheart: The Kyuubi/Kurama being magically just misunderstood the whole time. I don't know about anyone else (and I hope I'm not ranting on a headcanon especially), but to me, the Kyuubi was characterized as a villain, ready to maim and kill indiscriminately at the drop of a hat - intelligent, yes, friendly or concerned with others, no. It was always portrayed as murderous, vicious, and cruel, only ever helping Naruto to save its own hide. It really rubs me the wrong way that after all of the development towards its villany, the Kyuubi ends up being a good guy tsundere just because Naruto has to be everybody's friend. Its current characterization, and buildup to it, strikes me as forced and bizarre, very much against the character I'd been seeing before.
  • Lily Nadesico: Naruto hyperventilating and fainting like a pushover when he discovers that pretty much everyone is ready to kill Sasuke. And Kishimoto expects us to be understanding towards this Failure Hero and agree with him? That. Is. It. I'm done with Naruto.
  • Dr HQ: We got a flashback to the struggle with the Kyuubi. We see Kakashi, Gai, Asuma and Kurenai when they were younger, being told to stay behind. Kurenai is specifically told to stay behind so that she can have loads of grandchildren for her father, because she's a woman. He actually says that. No consideration for her choice, just 'you are a woman, have children.' On top of every other sexist thing in this manga this was where I snapped.
  • Dav Cube: Sakura's Character Derailment. She seemed to be doing well enough for her character before, reacting as one would probably expect for her position, but then the Kage Summit happens and she blows it all to pieces. First, she tries to trick Naruto into stopping his search for Sasuke, which he doesn't fall for and just makes him angry. Second, she then decides to search for him herself, putting her teammates in harms way for her own justified, but still selfish goals. Third, she actually thinks she can trick him once the two finally meet up. Fourth, after almost getting killed by Sasuke for the second time in the course of the story, she stops herself before stabbing him with a kunai because she still can't wrap her head around what he's done. I could imagine maybe unconsciously missing, that would be a good way to write it, but full-on stopping? Bullcrap. And then finally, after Sasuke leaves, she outright states that she can't do anything anymore and has to leave it up to Naruto and Sasuke. In that one fell swoop, aside from her new abilities established at the beginning of Part 2, all her development over nearly 500 chapters is flushed down the toilet. This is why you don't give the distinction of the "embodiment of the weakness of the human heart" to the female lead, Kishimoto.
  • Loekman3: For me, the moment when I finally snapped is when Nagato revived everyone from the village from a jutsu that comes out of nowhere. Firstly, it basically render any dramas of the majority of Konoha dying pointless. Second, it is completely out of the series anyone can die theme; look at Asuma, Jiraiya, Chiyo, and Hiruzen, we cried, we mourned their deaths, that is what sets Naruto from the other two shonen jumps in that Kishimoto is not afraid of killing of good guys and that is to me, one of the high points in Naruto. But, with Nagato's Rinne Tensei and later chapters, especially the Shinobi world war, Naruto now is becoming no better that Bleach or One Piece in terms of how death is nothing but a slap on the wrist for the good guys. I'm sorry to say, but this is the official moment when Naruto has Jumped the Shark in my opinion.
  • Absoltheharbinger: Tobi's fight with Konan. Okay, so Konan set up an epic-scale trap with her paper powers. Tobi's Kamui grants him 5 minutes of continuous invulnerability, so Konan rigs the trap to go off continuously for ten minutes. Afterwards, Tobi is nowhere to be seen and Konan is visibly on the brink of death from exertion. So Tobi just pops up out of nowhere and stabs her with an iron rod. Wait, what? Barring the unfortunate implications of the only female Akatsuki member, as well as one of the only good ones, dying in her first real fight - Konan took a month to set up this trap, and almost killed herself managing and controlling the thing. So Tobi just pulls an over-powered Reality Warper jutsu out of his ass (and one that only Danzo and his eleven Sharigan had previously used) to literally cheat his way out of danger. It's kind of upsetting when one of the most powerful female characters in an approximately four-fifths-male cast is killed in a case of cosmic cheating. She isn't even Stuffed In A Fridge, as nobody but Tobi really knew that she had died, let alone used it for Character Development.
  • Average NOOB: Look Naruto. I get you're an orphan who can pretty much be called emotionally handicapped. I get it. But What. The. Fuck. Dude. Hinata just said she loved you! Give the girl a damn answer! Don't fucking avoid her! Is it really that hard to just say "Sorry, too much angst." or "Not now. Sasuke comes first."?
  • TheDogSage: The Konoha Sports Festival "special". It's basically a long poop joke involving Naruto trying and failing to use the toilet. Shino is uncharacteristically vindictive to Naruto and Chouji is disgusting, rolling through a set of port-a-johns with his jutsu. And the less said about Naruto taking a relay baton up the poop chute, the better. And how does it end? With Naruto finally giving up and pooping himself in front of all his friends. Seriously.
  • Rayne Cyro: The Great Snake Escape. Let's run through the checklist: Killing off my favorite Akatsuki character not named Pain? Check. Having him die pointlessly? Check. Having him lose to Sasuke? Check. Having Sasuke win by breaking the established rules of canon and pulling off something that shouldn't be possible for even the Fourth Hokage? Check.
  • KantonKage: Madara possessing the Mokuton and Rinnegan in addition to the EMS in a span of a few chapters. As if Itachi wasn't bad enough. Especially when the former Kage was simply worfed for Naruto and Gaara's Character Development (primarily, when A wanted to go out and fight his father, he was stopped). Guess what, he also knows how to cancel Edo Tensei too. Also Kabuto and Nagato get Stuffed In The Fridge. Tobi even struggles a little. It's gotten up to the point that I'm shocked that he didn't succeed at summoning Kurama from inside Naruto. In chapter 613 it has reached all time low. It's practically screams that only Uchiha Madara is the only credible threat now and only he can kill major characters and it keeps getting worse because he apparently wasn't at full power.
  • ajr1218: Tobi's true identity. Note that I am not spoiling this as the answer is so goddamn obvious and so base-breaking that it almost ruined the entire series for me (and I enjoy this series a lot), but let's just say it was not only completely obvious, but utterly implausible. Congrats, Kishimoto, you have a lot of freakin' explaining to do.
  • Micool TNT: The ending of the Hunt for the Bikochu Beetle Arc. The whole arc was a bit of a Crowning Moment Of Indifference for me, as I knew it was a filler where Status Quo Is God and Failure Is the Only Option. I always suspected the Bikochu would smell the wrong thing and/or be stepped on, probably thanks to Naruto, in the kind of Shaggy Dog Story Downer Ending others can laugh at but always strikes me as a Tear Jerker. And I wasn't disappointed. Really? Naruto farts on the Bikochu? The first Bottom of the Barrel Joke in the fight against Kiba during the Chunin Exam was funny because of the perfect buildup and use of Mood Whiplash, but this one was just a Diabolus ex Machina Reset Button that wasn't surprising, nor fucking funny. And, oh yeah, it turned Hinata owning the Bee ninjas, and then Naruto's Rasengan against their leader's return into a Negated Moment of Awesome.
  • Mic1988: For me way back in the Chunin Exams there was a Dethroning Moment. During the Exams we know that The Sound Trio Team is ordered to kill Sasuke right? We all know how that played out when Sasuke awoke with The Cursed Seal. Later on in the Exams, one of them, Dosu Kinuta, realizes that he and his teammates had been setup by Orochimaru and they had been played for fools. After beating Choji (which showed his abilities as not to be underestimated as he Curb Stomped him), he makes a silent vow to show to Orochimaru that he is not someone who can be tossed aside. So what does he do? Tell a Leaf Nin or a Reasonable Authority Figure that Orochimaru is the ruler of the Sound Village and is planning something? Save Zaku and Kin his teammates and thwart his Edo Tensei plans? Be a wildcard that none of the people who watch or read Naruto can guess who's side he's on? Wrong... he goes off and challenges Gaara and gets killed in under five seconds. What. Here we have a guy who is shown to care somewhat for his teammates (vowing to defeat Shino for crippling Zaku for example) and could show that even bad guys care for their teammates and comrades. Instead he gets killed pointlessly and goes to show that the Sound Nins are all evil murderers and psychopaths with few if any redeeming qualities.
  • ncfan: An odd one, I know, but the number of deaths that have occurred in chapters 613 and 614. Yeah, it's war, so there's gonna be death, but just the abruptness of it strikes me as being the result of Kishimoto having looked over his work and realized that no one with a name's died yet, and that in his outline, no one with a name does die. It's just too little, too late.
    • Caellach Tiger Eye: While I was kind of glad that people are finally dying (making it feel like there are consequences to the war), I have to agree. This is worse than J. K. Rowling and her HP Book 7 bloodbath - at least there, the fights were smattered across the book and it was where the action really began. Here, no major character dies at all until the Ten-Tails is revived, and suddenly people are quickly dropping like flies because their character arcs/role is finished. I'm not sure whether I'm more annoyed with Naruto for this, or with Bleach for its incessant use of No One Could Survive That (at least those were spaced out more)... It's sad that Kishimoto couldn't find the right compromise within the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism and had to resort to a nigh-unstoppable Eldritch Abomination to actually have the guts to kill off anyone. Considering the major deaths prior to this were well-handled and balanced (ie: Hayate, Sarutobi, Asuma, Jiraiya, Konan), it's more than a little bit jarring.
  • Super Saiyan 006: Minato abandoning Naruto and claiming that without Kushina he was nothing and unfit to raise a child. What... And Kushiha agreeing with him on doing it. Double What. Those two not only abandoned their less than an hour old infant son but did it with a smile on their faces, while knowingly condemning him to the life of a jinchuuriki, which they both know will force him to live a terrible life! And to make things worse, Naruto agrees with what they did after they mutter "I sorry" when he meets them. Dumbass doesn't even begin to describe him anymore; if my parents abandoned me even though it was clear that Sarutobi could've done the Sealing of Kyuubi instead so I could at least had one parent, I'd frankly tell them to piss off!
  • Omega Radiance: The whole Uchihas-love-more-than-anyone-else, and hatred basically being genetic as a result via the Sharingan. Not only is it a easy excuse for why we're supposed to forgive Sasuke, but it also invalidates Obito as Naruto's evil counterpart - even with Naruto's own formerly-believed-to-be-evil entity inside him, his isn't given the excuse of it being genetic. Not to mention that all Uchihas seem to get them sooner or later, pretty much making the Second Hokage right in his views that they should be exterminated sooner or later. Even Itachi shows that his love drove him to do countless things that broke Sasuke out of love. With a entire clan of unstable people who could go off the deep end from something as simple as their dog dying, it honestly makes it hard to see anything wrong with the total annihilation of them all. The only one who seemed to truly be sane compared to other Uchihas is Itachi's best friend Shisui Uchiha, and he kills himself and gives Itachi his eye after his plan to brainwash the Uchiha leaders into cooperating with the village failed.
    • Ashleybud: Chapter 619 is a definite Dethroning Moment of Suck for me. I really hate Sasuke at this point and am getting real tired of Naruto in general, which is sad because Masashi Kishimoto is a great writer but he has this Creator's Pet thing for Sasuke to the point of completely ignoring and rewriting canon in an effort to make him likeable. You've taken his character to a point where happily making up is literally impossible, so accept it and move on. But what really makes this a DMTS is this notion of the Uchiha gaining their power because they love too much. No other clan treasured love like the Uchiha is the stupidest thing Iíve ever heard. There is nothing, absolutely nothing to support this; in fact, evidence proves the complete opposite. First, letís take a look at the requirements for the Mangekyo Sharingan: the first one we as the audience were told was that the Mangekyō Sharingan is awakened through the trauma experienced from the death of the person closest to the Sharingan user. With the user normally having to witness or experience this first hand, Uchiha throughout history have killed the person closest to them in order to expedite this process. To obtain the Mangekyō Sharingan, one must feel the emotion of losing a friend or family, as merely killing them or watching them die will not activate it. Thatís not love being tainted, that is killing a loved one in order to gain power. Then, to gain the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan you have to take and transplant the Mangekyō of another Uchiha ó integrating the two pairs of eyes in the process. Once again a sign of the Uchiha selfishly sacrificing a loved one to obtain power because the tighter the blood ties are between the "donor" and the "receiver", the better it is for compatibility ó a sibling for example seems to make the best donor. And they only do this because over time, use of the Mangekyō Sharingan's techniques deteriorates the user's eyesight to the point of blindness. So not only do they abuse the power they gain from sacrificing a loved one to the point of killing themselves, they just sacrifice another one. And when you think about it the Uchiha rebelling because they were forced to live in separate quarters doesnít make sense because every bloodlimit clan lives in their own separate areas in order to practice their techniques in secrets. They lived in opulent mansions, could continue to be ninja and ninja police, even a few being a Hokage Candidate's student. Hell, even Madara's story falls apart when we realize there WAS a Hokage Candidate who was a Uchiha in Hiruzen's time. Them wanting more governmental power falls on its face when they run the police. Heck, this entire war is because 1. Tobi wants revenge and 2. Madara wants to erase the fact that he lost from the face of the earth. Itís pretty obvious Sasuke is going to be forgiven somehow, but at least make it believable. If only the Third had told Sasuke that the curse of the Uchiha was that they were entitled assholes who believe everything should be handed to them. When they're not strong enough they take the skill from their opponent, and when that isnít enough they kill a loved one for power. When they abuse that power they do it again. If that doesnít work they bend reality to their wishes. And finally, when that doesnít prove enough they seal opponents within their own mind. The Uchiha were willing to kill thousands upon thousands of innocent people because they felt they werenít given enough and Sasukeís actions up to now proves that the Third made the right decision. Sorry about the rant but I was so pissed that it took a while to put my thoughts into words.
  • Megadoomer: Chapter 627. Sasuke gets redeemed (though I'm sure everyone saw this coming) because he feels the need to carry on his brother's will. He says this in spite of the fact that until this point, he had wanted to kill everyone in Konoha, which he knew would have went against everything that Itachi had been working for. Aside from that, there's the continued praise of Itachi as some sort of ninja saint, Karin immediately forgiving Sasuke for trying to murder her (after realizing that Sasuke despised her and vowing to move on), and Orochimaru deciding to act completely subservient to Sasuke's will (inexplicably casting aside all of his prior ambitions in spite of the fact that he has all four of the former Hokages under his control to some extent, as well as his ability to use jutsu restored), all of which make this chapter the worst one in a long time.
  • Animeking1108: Even in the parody Spin-Off of Naruto, Studio Peirott manages to fuck up the fillers. Episode 6 of Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth was a Sports Festival episode. During the scavenger hunt, it started off hilarious enough (Lee summoning a demon, Neji looking for a ghost), but they completely ruin it by Naruto's turn, where it was implied that he had to take Sakura's panties. First off, Sakura, being her flanderized filler counterpart, completely ignored that it was beyond Naruto's control and still struck him. Second, the next scene where it shows her healing him and then saying it was the lottery's fault was completely contradictory. Finally, Tsunade was sadistic enough to put Naruto in that type of situation? Fuck Studio Peirott! Fuck their character derailment! Fuck their fillers! They can't even get a comical spoof such as the Rock Lee series right without making such Wall Bangers!
    • KantonKage: Chapter 9 was simply turning Hinata into The Chew Toy; she gets peed on, having multiple people crash into her, she's also in her Ascended Fanon Flanderization meaning she passes out when she sees Naruto at the end. Who gets attacked by Neji for no reason.
  • Lightflame: Chapter 599 and on. Tobi is Obito. This so-called twist was mind-numbingly obvious, and yet it was dragged out for another year after people already figured it out hundreds of chapters beforehand. Not to mention how lazy it is. We've already had "what Naruto could have been" in the form of Gaara and Nagato, and both were well-done. Obito has nothing new to bring to the table, making the story repetitive instead of adding a cool twist like the reveal of the man behind the mask should have done. In fact, he's more like Konohamaru than he is like Naruto, causing his "what Naruto could have been" shtick to fall completely flat. Also, since he has no connection to Naruto himself as Obito, the focus of the story is dragged away from the main character, while Obito himself ends up feeling more like a lackey. The explanation of the event was an overly long flashback, which was poorly written and required a retcon about "magical hate chakra" for it to make any kind of sense. And did I mention that it wrecks the story thematically? Obito showed that your heritage didn't define you, but making him turn evil changes the series-spanning aesop of "You can defy your heritage and choose your own fate" into "Trying to change your fate is completely meaningless, as you will always be an echo of your family." Meanwhile, it invalidates Kakashi's childhood Character Development, because if he had completed the mission instead of protecting his comrades then Obito would have died, giving Naruto an actual family, creating the possibility of Minato preventing the Uchiha Massacre, making the Mist a better place because its leader wasn't under mind control, letting the Moon's Eye Plan die with Madara, stopping Nagato from being as crazy and evil, and averting a world war. I am not exaggerating when I say that Obito is actually the worst possible character to be behind the mask. Sorry for the wall of spoiler text. I had to get that out.
  • Void Herald: I've survived the Great Snake Escape, and even the revelations about the Uchiha Clan. I actually liked Sasuke as a character until the aforementioned revelations. But Chapter 631 just tops everything I've seen. Sasuke wants to be Hokage. That's... well, that comes out of the blue, and considering where the story is heading lately with all the author's blatant Uchiha worship/their need to be redeemed, this may happen, invalidating everything Naruto did thus far. And worse, Sakura just forgives Sasuke after he almost killed her. That's... let's rename the story 'Sasuke' and been done with it.
    • Zerohelix: Hinata almost dies trying to protect him AGAIN, Neji did die because she was trying to protect him, and we finally get the slightest hint he's willing to reciprocate her feelings. Jump ahead a few chapters and Sakura's his "girlfriend". What. The. F*ck!?!?! This manga is like the Trope Codifier for Character Derailment.
  • Fire Shadow: Sakura's behavior in the Road To Ninja movie. Now granted, in the movies we often get over exaggerated versions of how the characters usually act in the original series for the sake of humor; however, this movie just takes it to a whole new level. She acts incredibly selfish and self-centered in the movie; however, its one scene in particular that really pissed me off. It happens right before Naruto and Sakura are transported into the genjutsu world by Tobi/Obito; basically she was bitching and complaining to Naruto about how her parents were embarrassing her in front of her friends after a mission; Naruto, who may I remind you doesn't have any parents, basically tells her to shut up, stop overreacting so much and respect her parents. Sakura's response, no joke, word-for-word, was, "Sasuke would understand me". Are. You. Serious. The very same Sasuke who in the first few episodes of Part 1 of Naruto stated, quite correctly and appropriately, how he couldn't tolerate her bratty, annoying and insensitive behavior, spent many years trying to kill the ONLY family he had left and tried to kill her twice and Sakura now suddenly thinks, despite all that happening, he would be able to sympathize with her just because she still loves him? Her overall character has taken so many steps back since the time skip but that particular unreal, insensitive and out of left field response was where she officially became The Scrappy in my opinion.
    • Shadow200: Blame whoever wrote the script for that, probably the same person who did the goddamn two year long filler as well as the third movie. Sakura always get the short end of the stick when it comes to the anime. Though in her case, her Character Derailment in the manga is just as bad. News flash, Kishimoto, boosting characters' negative traits and making characters into obnoxious idiots is not funny; it's stupid and takes away from the product. Then again he probably wouldn't know with all the Character Derailment he's done as he's forgotten what the hell the series was about in the first place in favor of his preferred characters. And while I'm here I might as well give my dethroning moment. It was when Iruka coldly and rudely shoots Naruto down when he asks if he can put in a good word for him with Tsunade like the others' parents are doing to see if he will be made Jonin. Claiming he won't get special treatment (which he didn't even ask for) just cause he saved Konoha numerous times. Not even offering him a chance to become Chunin, Iruka; you're one of the nicest guys around and Naruto thinks of you like a brother and for you to act like a Jerkass to the kid who has saved your life time and time again makes me want to see a screwdriver driven into your socket.
      • Animeking1108: Not to mention that at the end, Tsunade ignores the recommendations, making that conflict completely pointless. However, my big gripe with the movie was its Big Bad: an evil Naruto recolor. I don't even know why I have to cover that spoiler, considering that you could see it coming a mile away. Junko Takeuchi doesn't do a good job hiding it. Instead of an epic battle with Tobi (who took up most of the poster, like the rest of the Konoha 12 that only appeared for five minutes), we get this fan-fic reject. This also creates a big plot hole because in a tie-in episode, the AU!Sakura switched with the real Sakura in the real world. So, just how the hell was Naruto and Menma able to exist in the same universe? God, Road To Ninja was just a massive let-down all around.
    • Lord Of The Internet: I second this statement. Sure Sakura, Sasuke, the guy who had his entire family murdered in front of him and went on a massive quest for revenge, would totally sympathize with you wishing you didn't have parents. Not only is this incredibly insensitive to Naruto, but also shows pretty clearly how she's still nothing more than a fangirl rather than a close friend of Sasuke who actually understands how he feels. It's the scene at the bench all over again.
  • Nakayama90: Chapter 655. Dear lord, chapter 655. So now Obito's gotten the Jubi taken out, and is back to being human. Kakashi's about to finally give him his well-deserved karma, but is stopped by, of all people, Minato. Yes, you read that correctly. This is the same man who lost his wife, and then his own life, to a former pupil, and said former pupil tried to kill Minato's son mere moments after his birth. And Obito was responsible for a war, which took many lives... and now, Minato and Naruto decide he's STILL redeemable, all because he lost an old love interest. Yeah, Easily Forgiven much?
    • Fire Shadow The beautiful irony of Minato letting Obito live was that in the next chapter, it lead to Madara being revived as when Obito was about to use the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique Black Zetsu, which was the will of Madara, hijacked and controlled Obito's body and then forced him to use the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to resurrect Madara. So in a nutshell, Minato's idiotic decision of preventing Kakashi from killing Obito has now lead to Madara being one step closer to becoming the new Saga Of Six Paths, as with a living body he can now absorb the power of the tailed beasts, which he was unable to do when he was reincarnated. Nice going Minato, the Ten-Tails Revival Arc is now dangerously close to becoming an Idiot Plot because of you.
    • Zabilac Adding to the idiocy. When Obito is being hijacked by Black Zetsu, guess what Minato and Kakashi do? Do they try to stop Zetsu or kill Obito? No, they frantically ask what's going on all the while doing nothing to help.
  • Raxis: Chapter 658, sweet fancy Jesus. Madara, without eyes and with a living body, tries to rush the Bijuu. They gang up on him, treat him as a hacky sack and it just winds him. Shukaku traps him into a pyramid of sand, but he breaks free using Susano'o without eyes. He used an EYE TECHNIQUE WITH NO EYES. Then ALL of the tailed beasts hit him simultaneously with their tails, and all Madara loses for that is an arm. Which Zetsu instantly replaces with a Zetsu arm and a new eye. Only the Author Can Save Them Now.
    • Shadow Abyss: As a bonus we also got to see in first hand how eye transplants work in Naruto's world. Madara just shoves the Rinnegan into his eye socket. That's it! No surgery, no magic ninja technique to handwave it, he just shoves it into his eye socket and it works perfectly.
    • Tobi-Wan-Kenobito: But eye transplant has been like this in Naruto ever since part 2 (such as Danzo magically having some sharingan in his arm of all places). I think Kishimoto really needed to research how eye transplants work before he decided to have eye transplant be such a major thing.
  • Super Saiya Man: Withdrawing my earlier entry for this. Chapters 659-661. AKA how Kishimoto shows how much of a Villain Sue Madara Uchiha has become. After an enjoyable, humbling beatdown that Madara got from all nine Biju, he suddenly turns the tide after retrieving one Rinnegan. Now normally, that wouldn't be a big deal. But then the Biju don't press the attack and keep operating under the assumption of Talking Is a Free Action. Thus, they all get knocked the fuck back by Madara without any sort of retaliation and immediately put on 'leashes'. Then to make matters worse, what does the Alliance do? Just stand there like morons and make no attempt to help. And that's not the worse of it, when the chains are put on none of the Biju even attempt to fight back or even anchor themselves (like Kurama did against Nagato's Shinra Tensei). And finally, despite Naruto and Bee's seals being at full strength Kurama and Gyuki are completely extracted from them (you know, something that takes days to do for even the strongest ninja). All in all, leaves an extremely bad taste in your mouth how Kishimoto can't make one character strong and keep other strong characters around without the latter being turned into imbeciles.
  • Snowthefirst: Chapter 671. This is officially the worst chapter of Naruto. Let us count the ways: As it turns out, not only is Naruto the successor and/or reincarnation of Ashura, but Sasuke is the successor of Indra, and the story goes on to imply that this is the only reason Sasuke is evil at all. Even worse, the story then goes on to reveal that Hashirama and Madara were the previous Ashura and Indra. If the story is doing what I think its doing, stating that its not Madara's fault he's evil either, it was just that he's Indra's successor and went mad with the power of the Sage of six Paths, I may give up on the series completely. Oh, and P.S.: Obito somehow put the chakra of all the tailed beasts in Naruto, and both he and Sasuke are being entrusted with a special power by the Sage of Six Paths. Talk about being handed things on a silver platter.

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