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07:22:12 AM Apr 9th 2015
edited by shuniya
Bandai Namco Games Inc. has officially changed their company name to Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., along with their establishment into the Animation branch starting April 1, 2015, called "BN Pictures," with their official title as "BANDAI NAMCO Pictures Inc." So, anyone got plans to create a page, on this? Or perhaps, rework this current page into a franchise label and make extended pages from there?
09:33:18 PM Mar 6th 2014
Shouldn't this be moved to Bandai Namco? Since that's now the official name of the company? (Is it even possible to move pages on TVT?)
10:00:46 PM Mar 6th 2014
Yes. It is possible. See How to Move a Page.
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