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Tropers: Deathpigeon
-Entire Imperial army faces Huns, fail to kill leader

-Four cross-dressers storm palace, kill Hun leader save Emperor and all of China

Do not fuck with cross-dressers.
Comment on I'll Make A Man Out Of You
Deckronomicon, random YouTube commentor

"Dear lord, you make Karl Marx, Emma Goldman, [Noam] Chomsky, Lenin, and Howard Zinn seem conservative."

"The great are great only because we are on our knees. Let us rise."
- Max Stirner

GREETINGS MORTALS!!!! I AM THE GREAT deathpigeon, Emperor of TvTropes!!! WELCOME TO MY PAGE!!!!!!!

As Emperor of TvTropes, I need loyal retainers to serve under me, and I am HIRING!!! This means, you shall be more than mere minions, but you shall be a part of my inner circle and/or court. Please give me your name, requested position, and qualifications in the appropriate section, and I may give you that position, or a position you are far better suited for. You don't sign-up for knighthood, you are given it.

Now, I want YOU, yes YOU! To add tropes to my page! I'm counting on you, my loyal minions.

As Emperor, I command you to read my eNovel, The Deus Ex Machina!!!!!! Also, go check out the pages of Morgikit, Rhyme Beat, Morgikit, That One Guy Named X, Jamdat 369, Adannor, Kalloon White, darnpenguin, Hydronix, and Mega Magikarp, my romantic partners!



Praise, and Other Comments

  • Question. I noticed that all your consorts are described as Flushed. What does this mean? Could there potentially be Caliginous, Pale and Ashen ones as well? -Anura
    • It means that the relationship is in the Flushed quadrant.
    • Yes, it does mean that.
  • A quote of yours (from Absent People) which amused me, preserved here:
    "I'm not a serious theologist. I'm someone who isn't sure whether or not he's trolling right now."

Applications to Inner Circle and Court

  • Example Applicant Name: Example Position.
    • Qualifications: Example Qualifications.

Inner Circle

Imperial Court



  • V-V-V-VANDALISM! -Test Your Might
  • This is not a pipe. - Grain
    • Of course not. It's a painting. -desdendelle
      • It's a hat, you fools. People these days... !Aralyn
  • ILY -tendollarlameo
  • Tee hee, I'm vandalizing your page! ~Dracosketch
  • Rock, paper, scissors, FLUTES! - Motree
    • Yeah! Flute pride!!
  • Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange? - Stolen By Faeries
  • This game will not have a happy ending. = Commander Obvious
  • This is not vandalism by Ailedhoo.This is a duck. !Ailedhoo
    • This is not a response by deathpigeon.
  • I find it amusing that you have no inner circle. My own minions will make short work of you, Mr. Pigeon. Your days as self-proclaimed Emperor are numbered. -cough- ...Um, I mean... Would you like cake in lieu of minions? ~ Kiri Ame
    • My inner circle grows as we speak.
  • What is this? How the heck did I get here? Oh goodness. Looks like I have to live on your page until the moving trucks come back... !Tatsumar
    • Yeah, you've lived here a bit to long. Are the moving trucks even coming, or are you just using them as an excuse to live here?
  • TARDIS's go whoosh, Sherlock is a douche, In this Rp, You'll go crazy, TARDIS's go whoosh! (To be sung to the tune of "Whistle While You Work" from Dad's Army.) - Geek Code Red.
  • HI MOM —Central Avenue
  • I-I'm vandalising your page... I-if that's all right with you... - Deadbeatloser22
    • It's fine with me! :)
  • The Faeries made me break my 'one vandalism per page' rule. Again. I blame Stolen By Faeries. -desdendelle
    • I dare you to vandalize a third time. COME AT ME BRO!!!
  • Hail, oh most mighty Avian Emperor. Your Court Poet, Royal Bookkeeper and Knight of the Order of the Pigeon salutes you. -troydenite
  • *teleports in* Greetings, my lord. My magical research is going rather swimmingly, and that concludes my latest report. My warmest regards to Lady dracosketch and Lady MegaMagikarp. Farewell. *teleports out* -Anura
  • *Leans on the throne* My lord. Do you demand a fine tune to lift your spirits? -Fusionman
  • Hail, my liege. Would you care to take off your shoes and stand on this square-shaped wool rug by this candlestick over here? It's very soft. The most comfortable rug you've ever stepped on. Do try it. Azreal341
  • Here be a flask of gunliquid. -Presents flask, which promptly explodes.- Oops. -desdendelle
  • Rule, deathpigeon! deathpigeon rules this site! Never, never, never shall his friends make a stupid parody of "rule britannia" -Dragon573
  • Okay, we're gonna buy two F-22s, five A-10s, two C-130s and seven V-22s. Maybe an E-3. We'll also need twenty Challenger 2s and sixty Pumas. We'll also need around fifteen HEMTTs and 100 HMMWVs. I'll get round to the Navy and the small arms and the artillery later, but with this amount of stuff, we can take over Ireland, Mauritania, quite a few Sub-Saharan countries.... - Geek Code Red
  • Your inner-circle seems awesome~ Also Hi!~ -Vyctorian
    • Thank you. You may sign-up to join, if you wish. Also... HI~!!!!~
      • Sure thing I wish to join your court :3
  • MY EMPEROR! I FAILED YOU!!! -VanishingReality
    • YAY!!!
  • I'm one of the Empresses, so does that mean I get to be evil? - Megamagikarp
    • If you wish.
  • how did i get here honey, plz help. i am not good with computer - Aiko Heiwa
  • Congratulations, you've been vandalized by me! Seriously, though. You're cool :) *hug* - That One Guy Named X
  • T'would appear you set us up the bomb -They Call Me Tomu
  • Your awesomeness has become noticed. The Raven will be watching. Karasu91
  • hugs - Aiko Heiwa
  • I'm in the page, vandalizing...meh, can't think of a witty meme reference. ~ Arcadiarika
  • Guess what? I just removed obsolete index markup from the bottom of your page. HI! -Indigo12ash
  • Hi! - Aiko Heiwa
  • agggh Aiko Heiwa
  • It's me again! -A Shade of Blue
  • Greetings! Have a cookie. Libris Dedita
  • Meow! *glomps* - Kitty
  • Thanks for the nickname, yo. :D -El
  • O HAI deathpigeon. Sorry for spelling your name wrong on the forum the other day. I didn't realise it was your Berserk Button. Hopefully we can talk some time. ^_^ -Danniiee
  • Drops a bomb containing Holy and Revive on the page. —Journey Man
  • deathpigeon has kicked deathpigeon (deathpigeon) <- deathy experiments in IRC. —Tropers/{{3of4}}

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