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02:27:18 PM Jan 12th 2017
Since the company's spelling was changed back in 2011 from "Funimation" to simply "Funimation", should we change it to reflect that?
09:29:39 PM Feb 25th 2011
"Funimation currently holds the rights for all GONZO properties" Not true! There are a few GONZO shows that Funimation doesn't have like Brave Story and Zion I Wish You Were Here or Bokura No or Final Fantasy: Unlimited
08:04:02 PM Aug 8th 2010
Why the hell does the article sound like a freaking fuckanimation paid ad? "If not for fuckanimation anime distribution would be dead" "Fuckanimation's efforts to counter fansubs are awesome"

The hell Tv Tropes? To begin with since when is countering fansubs a good thing? Its a douchebag thing to do, and now we're promoting the ones responsible in a that makes it a feat to be able to speak with their dong so far down our throats? Seriously What the Hell, Hero?
08:20:01 PM Aug 8th 2010
Fansubs are often poorly translated when compared to official subs especially since Funi's subs has all the benefits of them (it's free). The first point probably should be removed.
08:32:32 PM Aug 8th 2010
edited by werdnak84
Lots of other articles on TV Tropes about titles are written in a positive light. Only a few (Jon & Kate Plus Eight comes immediately to mind) are presented otherwise. The article even states that Funimation has an equal amount of haters for the reasons listed earlier in the article, so it covers all the bases.

Fansubs are usually posted online without the consent of whoever owns the property, and regardless as to whether or not they tell readers to support the companies, they are still illegal and hurt the rest of the titles in the long run. No outlets means no money coming in, which means no more production, and no more subs at all.

Not to mention that the manner in which your post is written and the derogatory "fuckanimation" used clearly shows it is by someone who hates the studio, so it is a biased statement. Not very supportive in the argument. Practice debating like a professional before you post.
02:08:55 PM Oct 24th 2010
You ask, "since when is countering fansubs a good thing?" The answer is: since forever! At best, fansubs could be argued to count as justifiable evil when the alternative is to leave fans without access. When reasonable alternatives exist (and DV Ds plus free online subs is more than reasonable), the "justifiable" part disappears.
01:35:18 PM May 5th 2011
Fansubs are indeed evil to Funimation. This is a Berserk Button for Greg Ayres, who always talks about this at his panels. ADR? Geneon? Anime Insider? All gone, because viewers kept using more immediate access to online subs without paying actual companies.
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