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10:15:40 PM Mar 2nd 2014
I notice quite a few references to Before Watchmen on the main Watchmen page. Both Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons insist that Watchmen alone is canon and there was a gap of twenty years where you had no expansion. Without getting into Flame Bait, I would argue that references to Watchmen on this page should refer to the book alone and not Before Watchmen for which there is a separate page.
11:59:19 AM Mar 17th 2016
I have to agree. Regardless of what your opinion on Before Watchmen is, Moore and Gibbons created watchmen as a self-contained twelve issue series without any possible sequel/prequel in mind.Though as long as each mention of something in Before Watchmen adds a note that it is less than canon, it shouldn't be to big a problem.

02:04:45 PM Mar 17th 2016
A note that material from Before Watchmen is not canon to Watchmen would be helpful, but only half a solution. There's still the question of whether it should be dealt with on this page at all, since it's not part of the work the page is actually about.
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