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09:30:52 AM May 16th 2012
How do we deal with Issue #24, "Power Failure"? In it, Katarou finds the gem of the Master of Games and uses them on the Titans...who find they end up power-and-skill switched. Cy gets BB's powers/outfit, though he keeps brown skin (and his forms are brown, not green), BB gets Raven's purple robes, Star gets Cyborg's tech (and initially scared beyond belief) while Robin gets Star's flight and eye blasts. (He gets a male version of Star's outfit, complete with a onyx having a gold "R" on it.) Raven, however, gets Robin's detective and martial arts skills (and her version of Robin's outfit has a purple "R" on a gray circle). When she makes a deduction and is complimented on it, she blushes and goes, "That was Robin talking."

Needless to say, the attempt to put the powers back flips it for the final panel for more humor.

Issue 20, "Secret Moves," has it where Starfire and Raven are accidentally pulled into the virtual world of Atlas. Raven gets to be controlled by Beast Boy (who uses video game moves to help her defend in the virtual world), while Gizmo hacks into the game too. Eventually both Jinx (pre High Heel Face Turn) and Bumblebee get zapped into the game as well. And Atlas admits his mistake, mentioning he hadn't intended for this to be like a "e-mail virus." He dumps them through the nearest terminal hooked up—Gizmo's.

Final scene: the girls are dogpiled on a sighing Gizmo, and Mammoth goes, "Dude...why didn't you invite me to your LAN party?"
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