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08:53:18 PM May 10th 2010
Do we really need direct acknowledgment from the author to consider this a Stealth Parody? I think the content (especially the quotes on the page) is pretty convincing.
12:53:22 AM May 23rd 2010
Well. It could be the authors sincerely wanted to make a good comic, but were hindered by the metric ton of cocaine they were apparantly on. Is it a Stealth Parody if they did the drugs specifically for that effect?
02:50:03 PM Jun 18th 2010
It could be, I suppose, but I think an intentionally over-the-top parody is slightly more plausible than writing a comic while on a metric ton of cocaine. Alternatively, if it is both at once as you say... then I think it would still qualify, yes.
12:36:16 PM Jun 19th 2010
I exaggerate the amount, of course, but IIRC the creators did admit they were on drugs when they made the comic. I won't object if you add it, but it should be mentioned that it's a special case.
08:08:07 PM Jun 28th 2010
Well, now I'm curious. Where did they say that?
02:56:04 AM Jul 5th 2010
Well, I've looked everywhere and I can't find any information on the creators,  * let alone the fan interview I thought I read. I must have been remembering something else, so I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt and say they were probably sober. Maybe a little drunk. But not serious at all.