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Eponymous Kid: I can't seriously be the only person who thinks this comic is just simply good, can I? I mean, seriously, what's bad about it?

Regiment: That depends on what you mean by "good". It's a wonderful comic because it's hilariously over-the-top. If it was intentionally So Bad, It's Good, then I agree, it's just plain good. I'm afraid, however, that most people appreciate it because they see it as So Bad, It's Good in a Narmish way (and I have to agree with them; I think the writers actually took it seriously).

Ace Of Scarabs: I see it as being good in the "campiness cranked to 11" fashion, almost a parody of how some actual FPS players think when they rampage through the game blasting demons.
J Bridge: Why is Doom RL a redirect? Either make an article for it or just get rid of it. There's no reason to have it there. Oh well. Maybe I should create the Doom RL article. Somebody should, anyway.