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03:07:57 PM Sep 14th 2012
The Uncanny Amazers as an Alternate Company Equivalent of the Avengers? Okay, Monstress as Hulk and Insect Queen as Wasp, fine. Atmos? Kid Quantum? Atom'x? Konk? I can't get them to fit at all.
09:56:17 AM Sep 1st 2013
It doesn't work very well, but it's Word of God that that was the intention.
08:51:30 AM Jun 10th 2012
Okay, what exactly is the proper way to link to this page? As far as I can tell, the dash makes the formating completely impossible.

Legion of Super-Heroes is a red link, as is Legion Of Super-Heroes.
09:40:08 AM Jun 10th 2012
The first of those now has a redirect. To link directly to the hyphenated version, you need to use the {{ }} markup like this: ComicBook/{{Legion of Super-Heroes}}
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