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06:32:55 AM Nov 23rd 2011
Removed the below entry. Does not fit. Superman got knocked for a loop by Thor's hammer on the first outing. And after he landed his one solid knockout punch on Thor, he got jumped by a bunch of other strong heroes who, if anything, really shouldn't have had a chance against Superman except they were angry and Superman was exhausted from fighting Thor. Oh, and the story involved multiple cosmic beings and artifacts plenty capable of hurting Superman.

If you're referring to the fact that Superman didn't go down like a rag doll under Thor's magical assault, thats not Executive Meddling. Its based on the author, Kurt Busiek's, interpretation of Superman's vulnerability to magic (which can be seen spelled out when Busiek later went on to write the character). In his Superman is just as resistant to a magical thrown hammer as any other thrown hammer hurled with the same force. Just because the power source for the attack is magical doesn't mean that Superman's invulnerability just stops working. But if Superman is attacked with a magical sword enchanted to cut through literally anything, Superman is not exempt. And if a spell can turn a person into a frog, that will work on him as well. Thor's magical/divine power source fuels massive physical abilities but for Superman, there's not much difference in being punched by Thor than there is being punched by, say, the Hulk.

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12:37:22 PM Mar 6th 2010
When the DC heroes travel to the Marvel Universe, they split up to go on recon missions with Batman repeatedly telling them not to get involved with whatever they may see. When he and Plastic Man happen upon the Punisher killing some criminals, Batman breaks his own rule and lays the smack-down on the Punisher - off panel. Is the "off panel" thing a trope?
06:28:42 AM Mar 7th 2010
  • It definitely is, though I can't remember what it's called right now.
08:19:16 PM Jan 23rd 2011
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