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10:15:13 PM Dec 26th 2011
Removed from the Kitty tropes:

Surely we can do better than an emoticon. If a troper who has read the comics in question can replace this with English words I suppose it can go back in.
05:56:34 PM Sep 6th 2011
edited by Immora
Removing my own natter! (It was with Emperor Norton and I removed that as well)

Here's what was there:

  • Superpower Lottery: Like her mother, Rachel has telekinesis and telepathy so powerful, it's almost limitless even when she's not Phoenix.
    • There was a brief attempt at a retcon once upon a time, where it was stated that Rachel's actual power is the ability to jump through time, and the telepathy/telekinesis combo platter was due to her relationship with the Phoenix Force. That's been largely abandoned.
      • Actually, it's stated a number of times (such as Excalibur #66) that she inherited the telepathy/telekinesis via Jean's own mutated genes, while her own personal mutation is sending her astral self through time (she can't send her physical self without her Phoenix powers). Thus, you could say that set is actually Jean's mutation passed to her daughter, and not Rachel's own even though she happens to have it. It isn't because of the Phoenix Force— unless you open up the whole argument of whether Rachel is technically the daughter of the-Phoenix-Force-as-Jean rather than Jean...
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