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07:48:37 AM Dec 11th 2012
Also: should the Spiders/Wargs/Goblins have their own sheet as a species (like the Orcs and the Trolls have their own sheet in the Lot R section), or should tropes for various species go to the main page, and only separate characters get their own sheet?
07:35:09 AM Dec 11th 2012
Now that the movie is almost here... There's probably going to be tons of new tropes that don't exist in the book. Actually, it's already the case that many Drwaves have more tropes from the films than from the book. How should we react to this unbalance? Should there be separate character sheet for the book and the films, like Lot R, or should we just mention which tropes are from which? And if the latter, should we mention "in book" or "only in book", because book tropes will be in the minority.
04:04:12 PM Dec 12th 2012
I would favor making a second page, since it's looking the Hobbit movie is going to end up even more different from the source material than LotR.
08:53:23 AM Dec 13th 2012
Ok, I could split the sheets... and in the progress, delete the Wargs, Goblins and Spiders sheets and remove their tropes to the main page. Any complains? If no, I'll do it tomorrow (14th) after I've seen the movie myself.
03:16:55 PM Dec 14th 2012
Belay that. I won't have the time for any of that, so if anyone else feels inclined to do it, you're free to do what you wish.
11:24:27 AM Jan 4th 2013
Okay, I've created a character sheet for The Hobbit Film Trilogy. I'll work on removing the movie-only examples from this page when I have the time.
01:43:26 PM Jan 8th 2013
edited by MaiaMaiden
Cheers. I tried to clean up the folders a bit, by moving the tropes associated with the various races to the main page, and by trying to reorder the characters within the folders by their race. It's still pretty messy though, especially with many character sheets consisting only of a link to the Lot R sheet.
11:18:54 AM Oct 8th 2012
How does Dark and Troubled Past apply to Thranduil? UT only says that his dad Oropher was wood-king before him, they both fought in the Last Alliance, and his dad died in battle so he became king. How is that more Dark and Troubled than over 50% of the characters in Middle-Earth?
11:59:30 AM Oct 8th 2012
It doesn't apply to him based on his (very brief) characterization. Sounds like fanon creeping into the page.
07:36:57 AM Dec 11th 2012
I originally added that trope. I can't remember any more what passage (and which book) was on my mind, but I was thinking about how Thranduil's mind was darkened by the horrors he had seen. Something about it coming back to him each time he looked south. But you're right, I'm probably stretching it.
12:46:45 PM Dec 15th 2012
“But there was in Thranduil's heart a still deeper shadow. He had seen the horror of Mordor and could not forget it. If ever he looked south its memory dimmed the light of the Sun, and though he knew that it was now broken and deserted and under the vigilance of the Kings of Men, fear spoke in his heart that it was not conquered for ever: it would arise again.”

Shell-Shocked Veteran might be closer.