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03:14:58 PM Feb 9th 2014
Shouldn't we have other international versions as well
02:23:46 PM Aug 17th 2013
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Added a warning to the top of the page. Not sure if it's redundant, but I did not know this coming in.
12:37:33 AM Aug 30th 2012
Do you think we could do a sweep of the character descriptions/tropes and try and weed out the stuff that's purely about how the did in the race? Unless they're, like, Mo Jo or Jeremy/Sandy, they offer us much more to talk about besides whether or not they were a mid-pack team or a dominant force.
06:21:34 AM Aug 30th 2012
You're going to have to be more specific here. What else is there to talk about other than how a team did on the race?
11:44:40 PM Aug 30th 2012
Their personalities, their character traits, what they did on the race, how they interacted with locals, things that happened to them, either dramatic/funny/heartwarming/serious/character-developing moments that involved the team - choose any or all of the above. Unless the domination/suckage was /part/ of the character arc or was important to the characters in some significant way (see Dave/Rachel for the former and either Dan/Andrew or Lucy/Emilia for the latter), I don't really think it's something noteworthy enough to talk about or base a good chunk of their description on.
09:03:12 AM Aug 31st 2012
If you have those, sure. I mean, theses were written over the course of two weeks by three people, we're not going to remember everything, especially since it's been years since we've seen many of these.
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