Page for the eclectic cast of ''Series/TheAmazingRace'', with teams ranging from endearing and sweet to intense and cutthroat to simply batshit crazy.

'''Warning''': The contestants are listed according to how they placed in the race. Beware spoilers!


!!Hosts and Local "Staff"
[[folder:Phil Keoghan (US Host)]]

The host of the Amazing Race US series. His main role, aside from exposition, is checking in each team at the end of each leg, with the last team to arrive possibly being EliminatedFromTheRace. He is normally impartial to the racers, though every so often, he engages in WittyBanter with certain teams. Popularly regarded as eye candy by the fanbase.

* AsideGlance: After Jessica & John's idiotic elimination in Season 22 (where they still held their Express Pass) and John's rather carefree EliminationStatement, a rather shocked Phil turns to the camera, shrugs, and says, "Oy vey!"
* AuthorAppeal: Phil is a biking enthusiast, which helps explain why every season has at least one bicycle challenge. Most notable in the Season 20 premiere, where the teams bike to the Starting Line.
* BearerOfBadNews: By default, Phil has to do this to anybody who comes in last on an elimination leg, and especially so if a team gets waylaid so badly they can't even make it to the finish line and Phil must go tell them it's time to withdraw.
* CallBack: At Season 24's Finish Line, when all the teams were gathered at the mat for the final cast shot, Phil threw Cord's hat, just as Cord had done in the Unfinished Business finale.
* CatchPhrase: Several, including "The last to check in may/''will'' be eliminated" and some variant of "You're the last team to arrive. I'm sorry to tell you you've been EliminatedFromTheRace", at Pit Stops, and "fell by the wayside," in recaps.
** He used to have several in regards to explaining the tasks, such as,"A Roadblock is a task only one team member can perform," and "A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pro and cons," though as the exposition was cut down, these stopped being used.
* CharacterDevelopment: Starting with Season 9, more of Phil's personality was shown, allowing him to be more than just the guy who explained the tasks and greeted teams at the Pit Stop.
* CharacterOverlap: He was the first Celebrity Takeover in Characters/BigBrother17 in its first week, where he introduced two additional players into the game as a twist from ''The Amazing Race'', Jeff Wheldon and Jackie Ibara, and a special "Fast Forward" twist gave instant immunity to a houseguest for a week (fast-forwarding their game to next week).
* DevilsAdvocate: On the mats, especially if you watch the extended Mat Chats online, Phil has a tendency to prod teams with questions and possible moves that might or might not be towards the teams' best interests, but would hypothetically make for a more interesting race.
* DramaticPause: Phil does this quite a lot, both in his narration and his appearances at the end of each episode telling contestants whether they're eliminated or not. Multiple teams have actually broken down in giggles in the middle of his pause and told him to just get on with it already.
* {{Fanservice}}: His appearance in underwear to announce the Russian underpants run in Season 14 has reached memetic status.
* FascinatingEyebrow: His most prominent trait, to the point he used it to tell Gary & Mallory in Season 17 that they had finished 2nd. It's become so iconic, it almost could be considered his SignatureMove.
* FunWithSubtitles: Season 24, episode 2, seven teams hit the mat within minutes of each other[[note]]Beating the previous record of five teams hitting the mat at the same time in Season 12, leg 3. It would later be topped by eight teams in season 28, leg 4[[/note]]. In the middle of it, Phil got messed up and told Dave & Connor they were team number five, and "Dave & Connor, 5th Place" popped up on the bottom of the screen, only to be immediately crossed out, the "4th Place" swept in from the left side of the screen, bumping it aside as the teams corrected Phil.
* GameShowHost
* TheGlomp: Phil has had this done to him over the course of several seasons, especially in Season 21 when he was Glomped by a woman covered in fish juices.
* ManlyTears: The only time Phil has broken down on the mat was during [[Characters/TheAmazingRace5 Charla's]] EliminationStatement.
* MrExposition: Only in the early seasons, when much of his dialogue would be spent explaining the rules of the game and the position/what was going on with the teams during the travel portions of the game.
* OneSteveLimit: One place where the show does play it straight, as there has not been a single competitor named "Phil" in 30 seasons.
* RecurringTraveler
* TheStoic: Mostly in the early seasons, though this is more of an effort to remain neutral than anything else. However, sometimes his neutrality would break and his emotions and opinions would show through, such as in Season 6, when he cautioned Jonathan to talk to his wife after he shoved her for coming in second at a Pit Stop. By the first All-Stars, his stoicism was pretty much gone (except when he is checking teams in, and deliberately uses it to freak them out), though his neutrality did remain.
* [[ThisIsACompetition This Is A Race]]: Phil will bring this up in interviews all the time. He's actually a proponent of the Yield/U-Turn, and has voiced his wonder that there are teams who don't want to use it to hinder another team.
* TookAShortcut: He always manages to film various promos at task locations and then still be well ahead of the Racers in order to meet them at each Pit Stop.
** Season 25 changed this, while staying within the trope, as each episode showed him recording promos at task locations while teams were running up to the clue box.
* WhamLine: InUniverse. No team wants to be standing on the mat and hear Phil say, "However..."
* WittyBanter: A way to determine his personal favorite racers, as he will often spend more time discussing the race with them after announcing their positions.

[[folder:Allan Wu (Asia and China Host)]]

Host of ''The Amazing Race Asia'', ''China Rush'', and ''China''.
* TheCameo: Gave out a clue to the racers in US Season 16.
* CatchPhrase
* DramaticPause
* GameShowHost
* LargeHam: He hams up his narrations a lot more often than the other hosts.
* MrFanservice: Even when compared to the other hosts, Allan tended to wear tight shirts that showed off his arms and physique.
* OneSteveLimit: Averted with [[Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia4 Asia Season 4 contestant Alan Luk.]] He is the only host so far to avert this trope.
* RecurringTraveler
* SignatureMove: You will never see him say "race around the world/China" without him also spreading his arms.
* TookAShortcut

[[folder:Grant Bowler (Australia Host)]]
Host of ''The Amazing Race Australia''. New Zealand born actor, probably best known for his roles on Australian drama ''Series/BlueHeelers'' and the Creator/{{Syfy}} series ''{{Series/Defiance}}''. Formerly the host of the Australian version of ''Series/TheMole''.
* CatchPhrase: The same as Phil, though by the second season he had made them his own.
* DramaticPause
* GameShowHost
* {{Permastubble}}: Despite the picture to the right, this is his look most of the time.
* RecurringTraveler
* TookAShortcut

[[folder:Jon Montgomery (Canada Host)]]

Host of ''The Amazing Race Canada''. He won the gold medal in the men's skeleton the the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.
* CatchPhrase: He actually used the Roadblock and Detour Catch Phrases long abandoned by Phil.
* GameShowHost
* GrowingTheBeard: Invoked in interviews for Season 2, as Jon said he was unhappy with his performance in the first season, and claimed he was going to be a much better host in the second.
* NonActorVehicle: Unlike other hosts, Jon was an athlete, not an actor or other sort of on-camera talent prior to hosting.
* RecurringTraveler
* TookAShortcut

[[folder:Pit Stop Greeters]]
[[caption-width-right:295: [[SharePhrase Welcome to...]]]]
At the end of each leg, people from the country currently visited will appear alongside the host to welcome the racers to their country. They usually sport an exaggerated wardrobe to emphasize their culture. Has included everything from local celebrities, mayors, and even Phil's own father.

* CallBack: During the [[Characters/TheAmazingRace18 Unfinished Business]] premiere, fans were welcomed to Australia by the town crier who was the Pit Stop Greeter from the show's first visit to Australia back in [[Characters/TheAmazingRace2 Season 2]].
* TheCameo:
** Paula Taylor from [[Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia2 Asia Season 2]] appeared as the Greeter on the first leg of Asia 3.
** Melody Chen from [[Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia1 Asia Season 1]] appeared as the Greeter when Season 25 visited Singapore for their 9th leg.
** Zabrina & JoJer from [[Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia1 Asia Season 1]] appeared as greeters on the 3rd leg of Asia 5
** Krista [=DeBono=] from [[Characters/TheAmazingRace27 US Season 27]] appeared as the greeter during the [=HaMerotz LaMillion=][[note]] the Israeli edition of the race[[/note]] 6 in 2017 when the race visited New York City.
* ChekhovsGunman:
** In Season 17, all the greeters were wearing hats. In the finale, identifying the greeters and their hats became the subject of the FinalExamFinale puzzle.
** A similar thing happened in Season 21, when special emphasis was placed on the greeters saying "hello" and "goodbye" in their native languages (with even "hai" getting subtitles) in a way that viewers took notice and (correctly) suspected that the racers would get quizzed on it at the end. The task ended up taking two and a half hours as all three teams pretty much said that they paid attention to everything ''but'' the greeting, even though Phil told them on every leg that each phrase meant "hello" and "goodbye".
** The first Canadian version of the race did the same thing as Season 17 except with provincial flowers they were wearing.
** Australia v New Zealand also had a FinalExamFinale Roadblock where teams had to pick out something worn or held by all nine Greeters.
* ChewingTheScenery: Some greeters put on quite a show, such as the Australian greeter in Season 2 with his loud bell-ringing and the Hungarian greeter in Season 6 complete with whip.
* CostumePorn
* CultureEqualsCostume
* EveryoneLooksSexierIfFrench: Or Indian, or African, or... (Not all greeters qualify as {{Fanservice}}, but those that do are this.)
* MythologyGag: When the second leg of [[Characters/TheAmazingRaceAustraliaVNewZealand Australia v New Zealand]] visited Cambodia, the greeter, though a different woman, was dressed the same as the greeter from [[Characters/TheAmazingRace15 Season 15]], leg 4[[note]]The same episode where Zev & Justin lost a passport[[/note]].
* NiceHat
* SharePhrase: Welcome to [current city, country].
* RealLifeRelative: Invoked in Season 13, as Phil's father was a greeter for a New Zealand leg.
* WholeCostumeReference

[[folder:Task Judges]]
Several tasks have involved a "judge", either to check the racers' answers or to subjectively judge their performance; when correct, the racers will be given their next clue. These typically are locals (to the current location) and while most do their job in stride, others relish the moment...
* AmbiguousGender: In Season 26, one of the task judges in Peru was a clown. After receiving his clue, Tyler said how he could not tell whether the clown was a man or a woman.
* BeehiveHairdo: Miss Rose, the judge for the trailer setting task in the [[Characters/TheAmazingRace18 Unfinished Business]] finale, had a spectacular one that did not budge an inch despite wind constantly destroying the work of all the teams.
* ChewingTheScenery: And how!
** Season 21's second Moscow leg had a Roadblock where the team member had to take a test about time zones to be graded by a judge, who took great pleasure in announced repeated failures, as well as relishing the moment when they actually got it correct.
* CultureEqualsCostume
* DrillSergeantNasty: The judge at the Buckingham Palace Detour in Season 25, who chewed out all the teams when they failed to correctly "change the guard." Even when they did the task correctly, he was still mean.
* FigureItOutYourself: In many cases, if a racer does not complete a task correctly the judge is not allowed to tell them what they did wrong.
* FunnyForeigner: Many, mostly deliberate. Usually because they're ChewingTheScenery and overplaying their roles.
* HaHaHaNo: Season 15, the judge at the Estates Theater in Prague would do this when the player doing the Roadblock handed them the wrong item.
* HatesBeingTouched: The judge at the Buckingham Palace Detour in Season 25, who looked disgusted when Kym {{Glomp}}ed him, and denied Amy & Maya when they attempted it.
* LargeHam: The Japanese Game Show host for tasks in Seasons 15, 20, and 23 so very much.
* TheMeanBrit: The judge at the Buckingham Palace Detour in Season 25. See DrillSergeantNasty.
* [[NunsAreFunny Monks Are Funny]]: The monks during the calligraphy Roadblock in Season 24 who borrowed Jet & Cord's hats during the task, especially the monk who stood next to Jet and stared at him while Jet did his Roadblock.
* RecurringCharacter: The show has done three Japanese game show tasks, Roadblocks in [[Characters/TheAmazingRace15 Seasons 15]] and [[Characters/TheAmazingRace20 20]], and a Detour in [[Characters/TheAmazingRace23 Season 23]], and they've had the same man host all three tasks.
* SpannerInTheWorks: In the Season 15 finale, Brian & Erika had finished the poker chip counting task, however, the judge made a mistake counting that prevented them from moving on. There's no telling how this affected the final standings.
* [[SurprisinglyGoodForeignLanguage Surprisingly Good Mandarin]]: The maiden actress part of the Cave Story task in Leg 4 of [[Characters/TheAmazingRaceChina2 China 2]].
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: The first Moscow leg in Season 21 involved a synchronized swimming Detour. [[FanDisservice When James & Abba arrived]], the judge gave an AsideGlance and said, "I'm already afraid."

!!Racers by Season

[[folder:United States]]
* Characters/TheAmazingRace1
* Characters/TheAmazingRace2
* Characters/TheAmazingRace3
* Characters/TheAmazingRace4
* Characters/TheAmazingRace5
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* Characters/TheAmazingRaceFamilyEdition
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* Characters/TheAmazingRaceAllStars2007
* Characters/TheAmazingRace12
* Characters/TheAmazingRace13
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* Characters/TheAmazingRace19
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* Characters/TheAmazingRace30
* Characters/TheAmazingRace31

* Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia1
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia2
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia3
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia4
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceAsia5

[[folder:China Rush]]
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceChinaRush1
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceChinaRush2
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceChinaRush3

* Characters/TheAmazingRaceAustralia1
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceAustralia2
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceAustraliaVNewZealand

* Characters/TheAmazingRaceCanada1
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceCanada2
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceCanada3
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceCanada4
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceCanada5

* Characters/TheAmazingRaceChina1
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceChina2
* Characters/TheAmazingRaceChina3