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07:53:00 AM Oct 9th 2015
...I don't know how, but the folders are broken. If it's my fault, I am sorry.
09:16:04 PM Oct 9th 2015
edited by Civanfan
I could be wrong, but I think it's something that happens when there's too many entries on a single sub-page.

Usually, folders get split into individual pages at this point, but I don't know how to do it without borking it up worse.
02:06:21 AM Oct 10th 2015
The first folder is far too large and needs to be split.
09:01:49 PM Oct 10th 2015
edited by Kuruni
I divided the Darklords folder by the Northern and Southern Core, Western and Eastern Sea, Clusters, and lump the rest (Shadow Rift and pocket) into Other.

Note that the sheet need some fix on Zero-Context Example, I'll comback to it later (if nobody fix them first).
01:39:14 AM Oct 11th 2015
That was probably an incredibly difficult thing to do, and I at least will applaud you for it.
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