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07:17:55 PM Aug 5th 2012
I want to talk about this one, which was under Heller's The Determinator:

  • Later on, when Heller interferes with the Whitelight dispersal, Alex decides enough is enough and just tries to kill Heller by reinfecting him and destroying him from within. Heller survives through nothing but raw hate (and genetic resistance) and breaks off Mercer's appendage from the "wrist" down.

I thought the reason he wasn't killed by Mercer there is because of his "annoyingly resilient DNA." Unless I'm mistaken, this was all Heller's unique genetic makeup and didn't have anything to do with Heller's determination.
02:07:45 PM Apr 25th 2012
edited by illegalcheese
Took this out from Heller's tropes

  • Room Full of Crazy: How much does Heller want to kill Mercer? So much that he's covered an entire wall in photos, newspaper clippings, print-outs, maps, files, posters, notes and documents, all in some way pertaining to Mercer or tracking his movements. He also has a police scanner. He... may be a tad obsessed.

Because that room belongs to Father Guerra, who seems to have been using it to track Blackwatch in a hopeless effort to take them down on his own. It becomes his and Heller's base of operations once they begin working together.
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