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09:51:14 AM Feb 25th 2016
I hope nobody minds too much, but I took the liberty of removing some of the spoiler tags for most of the things that happened 6+ years ago; it seemed kind of silly to have minor things like "Gin being stronger than Krieg" spoiler tagged when it happened around 16 years ago. I want to go through and do this to the other character pages too. I won't remove too many things that happened after the Timeskip though, and certainly not anything that's obviously major (like a character death and etc.)
05:50:20 PM Mar 11th 2016
I think there used to be a rule that character sheets wren't supposed to have spoilers, period. Though I think that's fallen by the wayside. Shouldn't be an issue so long as something unspoiled isn't inherent to an arc's climax in some way.
02:13:32 PM Feb 12th 2016
edited by totoofze47
I've noticed a minor Edit War and inconsistencies on this page and others, regarding whether to use the Mink tribe leaders' Japanese or English names (Inuarashi and Nekomamushi versus Dogstorm and Cat Viper), so I think it's worth starting a discussion here to settle things once and for all. What names do you guys think we should use?

I'm personally more favorable towards the Japanese names since they're the ones I'm more used to (And I honestly can't stand it when people stick a "the" in front of Cat Viper as if he were some random animal), and from what I've noticed, we tend to veer closer to using Japanese names and conventions on the pages anyway.
09:52:43 AM Feb 25th 2016
I agree that the Japanese names should be used, although I'm sure people won't want to bother learning how to spell them.
05:48:24 PM Mar 11th 2016
edited by sgamer82
Chiming in late, but my personal preference goes to the English names. Since one of the general rules is to try to pass on information as if giving it to someone who isn't familiar, I think using the official English names keeps things more accessible to a newcomer or someone who would only have access to the English version (vs someone who would go for scanlations and the like and probably knows both names anyway).

The "the" for Cat Viper (which I confess I'm a bit guilty of) isn't so much because it's to note him as an animal but because I personally, at least, always took it as almost like a title. Going by Stephen Paul in the One Piece Podcast, was one reason he opted to translate the names rather than keep them in Japanese.

Also, going along with mhj0808's note above, English names are frequently a bit more eyecatching. To a random passer by what sounds like a more interesting name? Inuarashi or Dogstorm? Nekomamushi or Cat Viper? In my case, the latter are more eyecatching as the formers sound like random Japanese if you don't knwo their meaning (which is what the English names are, anyway).

Finally, while specific to series titles, I do want to note this bit from How to Create a Works Page:

"TV Tropes is an English-language wiki, so we prefer to use the English titles where applicable. So if the work has an official localized title, use the English title for the page and add the non-English title as a redirect. However, if the work doesn't have an officially-translated English title, you can use the non-English title for the main page and make the English translation into a redirect instead."

I don't see any reason why similar logic wouldn't apply to character names.

That said, I am a tiny bit of a hypocrite in that i don't go for "zolo", fortunately FUNimation relieves that one.

EDIT: Just to show how late I am coming into this, didn't realize until just now that Dogstorm & Cat Viper go tmoved to Characters.One Piece Major Allies. That in mind, I posted the topic for discussion on their page, too.
08:04:03 PM Aug 15th 2015
How about adding Hair of Gold Heart of Gold to Corazon's tab?
01:50:08 AM Aug 16th 2015
Does s/he fit the trope?
04:41:13 PM Jan 20th 2015
I think Cavendish should be moved to Major Allies by now. Like Bartolomeo, he notably helps the Straw Hats, and even saves Robin's life in chapter 773.
08:53:53 PM Oct 27th 2014
I believe Sabo and Koala should be moved under the "Revolutionaries" tab. The anime has caught up with the manga to their introductions, so it shouldn't be a spoiler anymore; plus, Koala's technically not a flashback character anymore since she's in the present story.
09:13:23 PM Dec 28th 2014
Go right ahead son.
07:08:48 AM May 12th 2014

The Messiah is no longer a trope. P Lease readd under a better trope.
  • The Messiah: Dr. Hiriluk loves his country deeply, and he loves Chopper like his own son. When Chopper goes through hell to bring him a mushroom that he thinks is a panacea to cure Hiriluk's terminal illness, but which Hiriluk knew was fatally poisonous, he made it into soup and ate it happily. When he was lured into a trap by Wapol, who spread a rumor that all of his loyal doctors were fatally ill, his only thought was relief that nobody is actually sick, before taking his own life, to ensure that Chopper's mushroom was not what ultimately killed him. And to his dying breath, all he wanted to do is heal the hears of his countrymen.
05:00:05 AM Apr 3rd 2014
Much like how TV shows are spoiled until the current season, for the sake of cleaning this page up, I would like to suggest most anything revealed up to the current arc, Pirate Alliance or just Dressrosa as of this post, be unspoiled.

It would certainly allow for most of the stuff hidden above example likes to be revealed.
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