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11:17:41 PM Jan 28th 2012
could someone fix the character sheet for letz shake, it says he returns in the second game but word of god says it's actually just the earthquake machine fighting solo, not letz shake's brain in the machine
05:26:30 PM Jan 29th 2012
Done. But now let me ask, why didn't you do it yourself?
09:08:56 PM Dec 18th 2011
Anyone else think that Jeane is an expy for Tifa Lockheart? I mean, they both use close-handed fighting styles, have boobs of steel, even their outfits are similar!
08:46:08 AM Mar 25th 2010
The Adversary - To the guy that said Skelter Hetler is harder than Pizza Batt: Just keep rolling at Skelter. He'll either do his sword combo (and delay the last hit, the one he screams "Fuck you!" on, so be careful) or run away quickly and shoot you multiple times, another attack you avoid by rolling at him. He'll be winded after both attacks, then you unleash hell on him. The only attack that is still a problem with this strategy is the kick, but that isn't very strong.

Now, Jasper Batt Jr? The son of a bitch has that ridiculous 3- hit combo, the pizza suplex, and the ground stomp that leaves you open for whatever he might decide to fuck you up with if you are too close when he does it, not to mention the windows. I just rented the game but I can't even imagine beating him with one life bar. Skelter hit me like three times.
09:06:58 PM Dec 18th 2011
I second that. I could beat Skelter in under a minute. Batt, however... is best left unsaid.
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