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11:16:50 PM Jun 19th 2012
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  • The Ditz: Arguably averted. Juliet's got a lot of ditzy trappings - cheerleader outfit, speaking in text-message slang, incredible naivete - but she's a B-plus student and within her particular areas of specialization, she's very adept. Most of the humor of the game comes from her skewed perspective on the world, due to being a lifelong professional monster hunter at the age of eighteen, but she's never depicted as stupid, and that's the primary defining characteristic of the Ditz trope as written.

She is depicted as being stupid (one example, not knowing the concept of auto-tuning; believing Stephen Hawking is auto-tuned) and is disproportionately ignorant for her age. The rest of her family also likely count, for severely downplaying the danger inherent to zombies and not acknowledging valid concerns. While her bouts of stupidity don't deter her from functionality, nor are they ever present, the points at which she shows her ignorance reveal it to be almost clinically morbid.
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