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01:44:33 AM Sep 13th 2013
My Name Is Not Durwood is no longer a trope. Please readd under a more accurate trope.
  • My Name Is Not Durwood: Threeboot, he insists he's Micro Lad, not Colossal Boy, because he's a giant who can shrink to normal human size, not a normal human who can grow giant.
02:44:05 PM Jul 21st 2010
edited by arromdee
I put Infectious Lass back in the Subs again. Reason: Infectious Lass was a member during two time periods:
  1. During the five year gap, where a lot of characters joined without ever appearing onscreen, before the Legion was disbanded. Information about many of them comes only from the 2995 Legion Sourcebook. We're not going to list Stone Boy or Calamity King as members based on this, so there's no reason to list Infectious Lass. It would also be misleading to new readers since we'd show pretty much all of the Subs as members.
  2. Near the end of the 5YL run in issue 43-44 where several characters joined. We're not listing Bloodclaw or Veilmist, and we're not even listing Celeste or Devlin, who were supporting characters for a long time but only members during this brief period.
12:10:27 AM Jul 20th 2010
edited by arromdee
I just undid my own edit re:Inferno. The Inferno miniseries has her referred to as Sandy with her saying she stopped being called that name, and a flashback shows her name as Ms. Anderson, as well as giving her parents' names. Therefore Sandy Anderson is her name. Wikipedia is, of course, wrong when it says that the name is only from the 1950's illusion. I'll fix Wikipedia, and probably shouldn't have trusted it to begin with.
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