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01:26:25 AM Jan 22nd 2012
I'd add tropes for the chars, but I'm not sure of the name of the tropes ^^; So I just add here char traits and hope people who know better add them.

Megan "Sparky" Roachburn threatens to quit if you have hired Gary Roachburn and Gary threatens to quit if you have hired Larry Roachburn. So is this somekind of Sibling Rivalry or what? I'm not sure of their reasons... Also, if you have hired Hurl E. Cutter and Fidel Dahan at same time, Hurl either threatens to quit or Fidel kills him.(in the sequel he apparently has killed him, at least possibly according to character bios of old game chars)

BTW, who the heck is red shirted merc in cover of the first game? Avatar I got from Gog says his name is Chuck =/
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