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07:13:49 PM Aug 8th 2013
The Mokomoko-sama is in fact his tail.

In a Shounen Sunday interview, Takahashi said, and I quote: "After he transforms into a dog and returns to his human body, the tail stays behind..."

The tail stays behind in his humanoid form. The fact that it bleeds and that he uses it as a third arm in both the manga and anime only gives further proof that its not "just" fur. (In the manga the mokomoko-sama is actually drawn as a tail.) After Inuyasha first used the Wind Scar on Sesshomaru, the only injury he had was a huge bloody gash in the mokomoko. He can be beaten, hacked away at, hell, he can have a sword run through his eye, arm cut off, even stabbed in the heart and he'll still muscle through and fight. But this one blow to the mokomoko-sama left him paralyzed for several days (the anime made it look like it was only a few hours). You're telling me that he can go through all that but one blow to the mokomoko-sama is gonna send him out of commission if it's not especially sensitive?
09:27:59 PM Aug 18th 2013
The references to it as his tail appear to have already been removed, so there doesn't seem to be a need to address that.

However, I do have doubts about two other points.

1) "mokomoko-sama" doesn't seem to be an official term so much as an affectionate nickname. "Mokomoko" is not a noun, it's an Unsound Effect indicating that something is soft and fluffy, and "-sama" is an honorific used in addressing people, not objects or body parts. A more literal translation might well be "Lord Fluff-Fluff."

2) The argument for the fluff as an Achilles' Heel is very weak, especially since this is coming from anime/manga, in which massive injuries are commonly represented by one or two relatively superficial wounds or a bit of Blood from the Mouth. The fact that the only visible wound was on the fluff does not mean that was the only wound incapacitating him. It's simply a bit of visual shorthand.

If it were an actual weak point, I would expect to see other indications: dialog from Jaken or Myoga pointing it out as his weak point, efforts from Inuyasha or other characters to attack that point, Sesshomaru being required to protect his weak point, something. That Sesshomaru is incapacitated from a massive blast of energy which has the potential to kill a hundred demons in a single blow, and his injuries are subsequently represented by a wound on a conveniently nondescript and furry part of his body, is not enough basis to indicate that the fluff is an Achilles' Heel or weak point, particularly given that there are no other references throughout the series to it being a weak point.
06:12:27 AM Aug 19th 2013
I'm... inclined to yank the Attack the Tail bit, as it seems shoehorned in.
03:06:32 PM Sep 8th 2013
I've left it alone because my previous cut of Achilles' Heel got reverted and I don't want to perpetuate an edit war. It and the entry for Glass Cannon seem very out of place, though, based entirely on the assumption that the gash to the fluff was the only injury received from an attack that canon at that point makes out to be extremely powerful.
07:47:09 AM Sep 9th 2013
edited by
Pulled it because the entry itself said that it's not a tail.

Glass Cannon I'm okay with, mostly because of his losing his arm so easily to a completely unempowered Tessaiga. Yes, that doesn't sound that bad, but given just how Made of Iron Inuyasha is and how plain unkillable Naraku is, that such a blow crippled Sesshoumaru for pretty much the rest of the series is pretty glaring.
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