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09:49:46 PM Mar 15th 2014
Under the somewhat recent spoiler guidelines, tropes names can't be tagged as spoilers, not even in character sheets. Since some of them can be major spoilers just by listing them (like some Death Tropes), I wanted to ask in which way would it be more convenient to fix the pages without spoiling someone unexpectedly.

Apparently there are two ways of doing this. The first is by deleting all the tropes that just by their name are major spoilers, and the second is by putting a warning about spoilers on top of the pages and untag all the spoilers.
02:44:40 AM Mar 16th 2014
I do not see a lot of spoiler tags and some of them over trope names are bad. So I would go for the first option, after making sure that they are actually spoilered.
07:28:26 PM Mar 22nd 2014
Alright, I'll fix the pages then.
10:55:22 PM Mar 22nd 2014
If something's a major spoiler just by being on a character's sheet... just put it on the main page.
07:30:44 PM Dec 12th 2012
Should the InuYasha characters page be split?

Most other characters pages seem to be.
05:21:07 PM May 11th 2012
Under Mistress Centipede:

  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: "Jourou" litterally mean noblewoman. And her eyebrows resemble those of japanese princess and like so she probably count.
    • Jouro can also mean "prostitute", and was commonly used as a sort of suffix for certain female yokai.

Since the fandom seems to be guessing, and therefore debating, why 'jourou' has actually been used for this character, I've moved the example here so the fandom can reach a consensus as to whether or not this trope is actually in play or not.
10:39:23 AM Apr 23rd 2012
Under Shippo:

One, Cute Shotaro Boy has been renamed to Adorably Precocious Child. Two, this trope is highly misused and this example does not give enough detail to see if it applies; please check the definition at Adorably Precocious Child before re-adding.

09:17:09 AM Nov 25th 2011
edited by Voided07
Shouldn't we add Byakuya (no, not that Byakuya as one of Naraku's incarnations?
12:10:11 PM Nov 27th 2011
If you have at least five tropes for him I'd say add him.
09:18:15 AM Oct 26th 2011
Would the Shikon Jewel count as a character?
09:14:11 AM Nov 25th 2011
Magatsuhi, the demon whose soul is sealed in it, certainly would. Although... would Magatsuhi be considered a seperate villain or one of Naraku's incarnations, seeing how he is part of the Shikon Jewel, but temporarily manifested by borrowing some of Naraku's biomass?
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