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11:41:37 PM Nov 19th 2013
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Why is Silvara or heck, the Metallic Dragons as a whole, not listed on the Characters Page? Silvara at the very least deserves to be included in the Heroes of the Lance category. She did after all provide the Heroes with the Eponymous Dragonlances didn't she?

And while we are on that topic, the Dragon Overlords deserve some mention on the characters page under the Dragons Category. Especially Khellendros. Don't they?
09:14:53 PM Sep 10th 2011
Reading the Weis & Hickman books, I recall some mention of Gilthanas and Silvara suffering some kind of tragic fate, but no elaboration on what it was. Thinking that the story might have been told in a novel by somebody else I checked The Other Wiki, but the only thing it has to say is that after the War Of The Lance there are no further records of him.

So should I add this as an example of What Happened to the Mouse?, or is there a troper here who knows how exactly his and Silvara's story ended?
10:12:10 AM Apr 5th 2012
edited by Filby
The Dragonlance wiki says that Gilthanas and Silvara just went on to have more adventures; no mention of dying.
09:33:11 PM Apr 6th 2012
...though the Dragons of Krynn sourcebook says that Gilthanas died (no mention how) and Silvara entered into self-exile back in the Dragon Isles, so there you go.
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