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01:30:33 PM Dec 1st 2014
Pulled this for discussion:

  • Asexuality:
    • Hates Being Touched
    • Makes it clear to Clara he's not her boyfriend in "Deep Breath".
    • Isn't exactly thrilled when Missy makes out with him in "Dark Water" — though he very softly kisses her back one episode later.
    • Cannot see any reason why anyone might want to be able to see anyone else naked later in "Dark Water".

It's just a horribly written example as-is, and kinda reads like someone trying to find evidence of asexuality. The first two are common enough tropes on their own that, well, they're they're own trope. The third is incredibly wishy-washy ("Isn't exactly thrilled" doesn't say a lot, and the second half kinda ruins that anyway). The fourth bullet point is the only one that has any merit, in my opinion. But by that logic, Eleven was asexual for not realizing that a newly married couple would have sex. It's more a thing about him being absent minded than asexual.
01:33:05 PM Dec 1st 2014
Either Chaste Hero or Celibate Hero, but definitely not Asexuality.
01:33:51 PM Dec 1st 2014
I was thinking Celibate Hero myself.
02:46:13 PM Dec 1st 2014
The only thing that supports asexuality there is the last bullet point.
05:02:55 AM Jul 18th 2014
Are the quotes listed in Twelve's section taken from the leaked episode scripts? If so, they should be spoiler tagged.
11:29:02 PM Feb 11th 2014
Do we really need second tennant and clone topic? 8P
12:37:30 PM Jan 3rd 2014
This was pulled from Ten:

  • Subverted Catch Phrase: In "Silence in the Library," River Song tells him "Sometimes I really hate you." The correct response is a cheery "No you don't!" But this is the first time he's ever heard that, so he thinks she's serious, and answers with a somber "I know."

For not being a catch phrase, also because the remover couldn't recall 11 ever saying it.

It's a catch phrase for both of them, and first (I think) shows up in Day of the Moon (or Impossible Astronaut). It's a flirty call-and-response; River says some variant of "I hate you," and the Doctor replies with "No you don't." For example:
Doctor: ...the Legs, the Nose, and Mrs. Robinson.
River: I hate you.
Doctor: No, you don't!

There are other examples of that throughout the series, but that's the only one I can recall off the top of my head.
12:46:30 PM Jan 3rd 2014
edited by
I didn't say that at all in my edit reason. I questioned if it was a catch phrase and said "I only recall [the line] once". As in, the only example that you can recall.

On top of that, "Silence in the Library" was the first appearance of River, so I still stand by that it's not a subversion, and can't be a subversion, because Eleven's relationship with River (and how he responds to "I hate you") didn't exist when "Library" aired.
04:29:38 PM Jan 1st 2014
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  • "Love from Gallifrey, boys!" were his last words before his generations actually started, so its frequently given as his last.

Why would this be Famous Last Words in any way? "You were fantastic and so was I" and "I don't want to go" also come after the regeneration process starts.
05:10:35 PM Nov 21st 2013

The definition of Moral Event Horizon is "irredeemably evil, with no way of turning back". Considering that he's apparently the same man as Nine, Ten and Eleven, this is definite misuse.
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