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12:07:54 PM Nov 15th 2012
edited by Solle
Since only three characters were left on the Expanded Universe page, I've moved the Shalka Doctor over to Scream of the Shalka. The big list of lists is now only over at Doctor Who (with new stuff added). The Doctor Who Expanded Universe page has Iris and the Minister Of Chance, since they really don't slot neatly into any of the other pages.
12:03:13 PM Jul 27th 2010
edited by Nightsky
Now that Big Finish Doctor Who, Virgin New Adventures, and Eighth Doctor Adventures all have their own pages, should the casts on Characters / Doctor Who Expanded Universe be moved to Characters /Big Finish Doctor Who, Characters / Virgin New Adventures, and Characters / Eighth Doctor Adventures, respectively?

I vote yes, but then 1. What do we do with Characters / Doctor Who Expanded Universe and Characters / Whoniverse? and 2. What do we do about crossovers?
02:29:30 PM Sep 25th 2010
Not sure about this, but we could start by moving ones that only appear in one continuity (eg Sabbath, who already has an entry on the Expanded Universe page)
04:23:39 AM Oct 30th 2010
I've just removed Sabbath from here since he was already covered on the EDA page, and I moved Faction Paradox over there where they belong. I do think all the different continuities desrve a seperate character page, especially since TV characters develop differently in each. NA Seven + Ace are nothing like TV/BF Seven + Ace for instance.
12:53:22 PM Mar 27th 2011
Go ahead. Most entries on the TV character sheets simply state "in the Expanded Universe", without clarifying if they're audio dramas or novels. Otherwise I may have done them myself.
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