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02:37:07 PM Apr 26th 2017
Should there be a specific section for the Doctor's family? A few have appeared like his wife River, daughter Jenny and granddaughter Susan, so it might be convenient, but is that enough to perhaps warrant a section?
03:08:22 PM Apr 29th 2017
Probably not, since they all of most of them fit under the Companion section anyway.
08:17:15 PM Apr 18th 2017
Should One-Shot Characters Be Listed on the Characters Page?

They often have very few tropes to list, but they clutter up the pages. It'd probably be better to keep there tropes on the Recap pages.

Exceptions could be made for characters from plot-heavy specials like the Moment, but I think characters like Rusty the Dalek are best kept off the general page.
02:39:53 PM Apr 26th 2017
That sounds like it could be a good idea and would make it easier for anyone looking for them as well as help with the clutter!
03:12:01 PM Apr 29th 2017
Alright, I'm gonna do it.
02:47:25 AM Feb 26th 2017
edited by Iku
should we more consistenly mention across all support cast characters which doctors they have met?
08:10:56 PM Apr 18th 2017
That could be helpful for people who don't know what years what Doctor was active.
05:29:06 AM Feb 23rd 2017
In light of Sir John Hurt's passing, is it possible to move the War Doctor tropes into their own page between the classic Doctors and 9/10?
04:19:29 PM Jul 27th 2016
edited by LesleyDrakken
Woah, does Clara really need a massive trope page all to herself? And is there a reason why there's no entry for Brigadier? I feel like if we're going to give Clara her own page, he also has enough content to warrant one. However, he's not even mentioned under the classic series companions page.
02:42:56 AM Jul 28th 2016
He currently on the Doctor Who UNIT Staff page
10:16:08 PM Jul 28th 2016
edited by LesleyDrakken
Hm, I didn't think to look there for some reason. It seems odd to me, but I can understand.
09:40:57 AM Oct 25th 2015
I think we should add a one shot characters list, which will include Sally Sparrow and Larry Nightingale. Thoughts?
10:59:23 AM Nov 6th 2015
One Shots that are substantial for the episode, like Sally Sparrow, then I agree.
05:40:13 AM Sep 14th 2015
I see this page has index tags, but it is not showing up as an index on the pages it includes.

Can someone make it show up as an index?
01:21:21 AM Sep 15th 2015
05:52:52 AM Sep 15th 2015
Thank you
01:36:44 PM Jul 5th 2015
Okay, who decided to merge the New Series Doctors into a single page? I thought the idea was that it shouldn't be done because the word-count would be too high. I'm not saying they couldn't be merged, because it obviously can be done now, but I'd like to know just who decided to do it without talking it over with anyone else first. A change that major should always be discussed and talked over instead of someone just deciding to do it anyway and damn the consequences.

Also, shouldn't War be listed between Eleven and Twelve instead of before any of the other New Series Doctors? He may have chronologically come before Nine, but he wasn't introduced until after Eleven, and so after Eleven is where he should show up on the page.
07:29:00 PM Jul 9th 2015
edited by ashlay
Given the page would start bugging out in another 50,000 characters, I have reverted the pages and left an edit note to come here to discuss it.

If you want to redo the namespaces and move war to before 9 and 10, we can do that, but let's just agree to it.

I would suggest making a Characters.Doctor Who Revival Series Doctors War To Eleven and Characters.Doctor Who Revival Series Doctors Twelve To Present. Thus we wouldn't have to worry about Twelve's continuing to grow on a regular basis entry destroying the entire page (we'd only have 350,000 characters between War to 11), and would be able to grow the new page with as many new doctors as possible going forward.
09:59:56 AM Apr 26th 2015
Why do we separate the Doctors into Classic, RTD era, and Moffat era? There aren't that many of them and each Doctor's tropes are collapsed by default; it makes a lot more sense to just put them all in a single article. At the very least, I propose merging the RTD Doctors and Moffat Doctors page into a single modern Doctors page.
10:08:10 AM Apr 26th 2015
edited by SatoshiBakura
It used to be that the two pages were classic and modern Doctors page. However, pages can only handle up to 500,000 characters at a time, and the modern Doctors page exceeded that limit.
10:51:01 AM Jul 22nd 2012
I know there was a whole movement to replace the chibi icons with actual images of the characters, but is anyone still doing so? We seem to have a strange mix of half chibi, half not. I know that some people disliked the chibi icons, but leaving the pages halfway converted looks far worse than it ever did before.
11:51:01 AM May 28th 2012
edited by oja
Maybe I'm just having trouble finding it, but is the 10th Doctor duplicate on the character list any where? Seems like he should be under other supporting cast.
12:52:58 PM Nov 30th 2011
Re: Gallifrey. The other character pages in the Doctor Whoniverse all seem to have images from All the characters bar the last 4 seem to be on there; anyone know how/ the rules for putting them on the page? Cheers.
05:52:09 PM Jun 10th 2011
Where Is Jenny? I Figured That The Doctor's Daughter Would Be Listed As A Character.
12:04:02 AM Jun 6th 2011
Is anyone else seeing parallels between Alice from The One Who Waited, published in 2005, and Amy?
09:25:30 PM May 2nd 2011
Sarah Jane Adventures > "I'm not past my sell-by date yet"

Harsher in Hindsight much...
02:34:23 AM Nov 3rd 2010
I see the 8DAs and this page have the icons but not the main EU page. I don't know how to add them, but someone should.
11:12:56 AM Nov 6th 2010
The character icons? No, it has it.
03:40:36 PM Nov 7th 2010
Didn't at the time I posted. Evidently someone has done a lot of work in the last few days. :D (They've also seperated all the EU pages. Nice work!)
04:14:53 PM Nov 7th 2010
That was me, but the main expanded universe page still had that icon before, otherwise I couldn't have separated it.
03:44:16 AM Oct 23rd 2010
edited by OldManHoOh
  • Plot-Induced Stupidity: Despite her normal level of competence, during the 9th Doctor's run she had the unfortunate tendency to almost cause the end of the world just as often as the Monster of the Week.

So...once? Technically twice if you count Dalek.
11:30:52 AM Jun 28th 2010
Could someone with the season 2 box set please confirm Mickey Smith's quote using the subtitles? When the episode aired, I heard the line as "man in the van", not "man in Havana", and I do think the former makes more sense, but I don't want to just blunder in and change it in case I'm wrong.
01:47:27 PM Jun 28th 2010
It's "man in Havana", meaning, roughly, "useful contact on 'the inside' who can do stuff for us that we can't be seen to do". The reference is to the Graham Greene novel _Our Man In Havana_.
03:07:38 PM Jun 28th 2010
Okay, cool, thanks. (I'd thought "man in the van" because he also mentioned being "technical support", which made me think of the guys in vans in spy movies who provide support to the agents doing the fieldwork).
12:57:59 PM Jun 10th 2010
Showing what years a character was on the show for is nice, but perhaps it would be better to say which Doctor each Companion traveled with and vice versa?

Also, where are those awesome chibi icons from? They're so cool!
03:37:54 PM Jun 10th 2010
I think it'd be a better idea to reword the individual character descriptions to identify their respective Doctors.

The icons are by the awesome Redscharlach, . She also does other shows; definitely check her stuff out. I thought I'd credited her when I put them up, but either I did it wrong or it's not showing up or something. I'll linkify them this evening.
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