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10:54:02 AM Dec 3rd 2013
In the character page, Balrog is noted for his catchphrase "Huzzah," and for being the Kool-Aid man in the English version ("Oh Yeeeeaaah!"). But isn't there some version where he says "Tally-ho!," too? I was planning on adding it in, but don't want to put in inaccurate information.
05:14:38 PM Dec 3rd 2013
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Never heard of Balrog saying "Tally-ho!". I've only played the 3DS E-shop and english-translated freeware version though. According to The Other Wiki, it's been ported to freaking everything from the first xbox to graphing calculators so the line could be said on one of those but they wouldn't be canonical since Nicalis didn't release them.

The canonical versions include the freeware, Steam (Cave Story+), Wii, Dsi Ware, 3DS E-shop, and 3DS versions so it can only be added to the page if you find it on one or more of these.

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