Betty And Veronica Live Action TV Discussion

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11:18:36 AM Nov 27th 2017
This picture is just a guy and two girls and doesn't illustrate anything. I think it should be removed
04:22:27 PM Apr 21st 2015
edited by VictusUmbra7
We seem to have an extremely enthusiastic Vampire diaries commenter. While I appreciate detail, that post is just ridiculous. I would trim it down, but I know nothing about the series, if someone who does wants to help me all. Also, check the Literature page, they did the same there.
11:53:27 PM Apr 21st 2015
As said on the other discussions, I've banned them, since they are a sock of another troper who is banned. Feel free to back their edits out - if you see someone else adding walls of text on these works, sing out.
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