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10:59:55 PM Feb 20th 2018
edited by Ninja857142
So, I moved to give Spirit Tracks its own page, and it was cut down on the basis that it "hardly seems like a leading candidate to get its own page among Zelda games." While I suppose my move might have been rashly independent, and I probably loved the music of Spirit Tracks an excessive amount, I think there's a general problem here.

This page is getting big.

Many games here have a lot of music, and really, there's a lot of awesome music to go around. Spirit Tracks has a lot of entries, (most of which I personally think are quite awesome, if I may say), and there are multiple other games here with comparable numbers. This page is already kind of bloated and the problem will only get worse as the franchise gets bigger, so I propose we start giving games their own pages.

11:13:35 AM Feb 21st 2018
Speaking as the person who re-merged the Spirit Tracks entries, unless the page is starting to display the red "Warning: This page is too large" banner if you try to edit it, it probably doesn't need to be split into subpages just yet.

If/when that day comes, a few games that can probably be split off into their own subpages would include Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild, and, yes, Spirit Tracks, but until then, it's easier to just keep them all in the same place.
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