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01:06:34 PM Jun 17th 2012
Imperial March and how Empires see themselves: I think the Laurence Holland games made a great example. The title music to the PC game "TIE Fighter" starts out with the Imperial March (of course!!), and then segues to another march that's still martial, but a lot more mellow, that's reminiscent of William's original end music in Episode 4.

This piece of music, I submit, is how the Empire sees itself. The Imperial March is how WE see them. In the context of Extended Universe canon, one could even think this was the original Republic military anthem.

11:12:54 AM Jul 20th 2011
edited by StClair
Mix and Match:

This Troper is fond of mentally replacing some of Williams' themes with others: setting a Quiddich match to the Battle of Yavin, for example, or "Journey to the Island" (from the first Jurassic Park) as the boats carry the new students across the lake to Hogwarts.
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