Awesome Music / John Williams
There is a reason why he is the most well known film composer of our time.
John Williams is responsible for many, many memorable film soundtracks. Among them are the soundtracks to every single Star Wars movie and almost every Steven Spielberg film (the exceptions being his Made for TV Movies, The Color Purple and Twilight Zone: The Movie). In short, John Williams has made a career out of writing Awesome Music.

Williams' contributions to the Harry Potter, Star Wars, Superman, and Indiana Jones films each have their own pages.
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     For Steven Spielberg 
  • ''The Sugarland Express'', the first ever collaboration between Williams and Spielberg.
  • The main theme from Jaws. Spielberg reportedly assumed the unusually simple theme was a joke when Williams first presented it to him. But just try to forget it.
    • His score for the final scenes of the film is worth mentioning; after the nerve-shredding climax, Williams, instead of another encore of the shark's theme, opts for a quiet, gentle version of the Orca's theme that is absolutely beautiful.
    • "Man Against Beast" combines dramatic suspense with the heroic theme of the orca.
  • The Flying Theme) from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. It's particularly neat in how it times up with the bicycle flying "against" the moon; it's like you can hear the wheels turning. Spielberg stated himself that technical wizardry and special effects can get those bicycles to fly, but only upon John Williams' strings do the characters become truly airborne.
  • Christian Bale (at a very young age) singing "Suo Gan" (a Welsh lullaby) in Empire of the Sun, just as the Japanese Kamikaze pilots are about to take off for their mission. You'll cry at about the same moment the Japanese characters in the film start crying because of the sheer gallantry of it all.
    • The sheer joy in this piece, "Exsultate Justi", as it plays in the end when Jim makes it back to the now-abandoned internment camp with virtually no hope in sight, but in spite (or because) of this, he still rides his bike around the inside of the buildings like the little kid that he is.
    • "Cadillac of the Skies" is also amazing.
  • The Jurassic Park Suite. Cue childhood nostalgia kicking in.
  • When Spielberg asked John Williams to write the music for Schindler's List, Williams tried to beg off, saying "I'm not good enough for this." Spielberg's reply was simple, and quite true: "Anyone who is better is dead." (Itzhak Perlman performed the violin solo.)
  • "The Flight to Neverland" from Hook.

    Everything else 
  • The Accidental Tourist features the rare Williams score that isn't derivative of other composers like Ligeti, Stravinsky, or Copland.
  • The moving main theme from The Patriot.
  • The music from JFK.
  • Much less well known, but just as awesome as all of the above, is the nine-minute piece from The Towering Inferno that accompanies Paul Newman and Steve McQueen rigging explosive charges to the burning skyscraper's water tanks. One of the greatest examples of music used for a rising tension/countdown effect.
  • John Williams won his first Oscar for his adapted score for Fiddler on the Roof.
  • John Williams had some opportunity to compose some Irish music with the Far and Away theme.