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07:16:44 AM Jan 29th 2013
I just managed to break the folders somehow when adding the Arcen Games example. Sorry to whoever has to fix that, I'm not sure what I did or how to un-break it.
08:45:49 AM Jan 29th 2013
Folders can only contain a certain amount of text; if one is too big, none of the work. The solution is to split the page into more, smaller folders — or even move a couple games to their own subpages. I don't know enough about any of the works to do this, though.
04:14:12 PM Feb 5th 2013
edited by Pixelmage
I was just nudged by Victin to take a look, and the amount of text in the Other folder is over the limit (removing a chunk and hitting preview loaded the folders normally), so I guess we need a new sub page, but Awesome/Other already exists and it's not for the content under Video Games... Or splitting into smaller folders. Is it possible to categorize the contents better without spinning a new page?
06:40:42 AM Jul 19th 2012
There seems to be a lot of wanky entries in the CMOA section for video games, the worst offenders being anything open-world (see: two-thirds of the entries in the Fallout 3 page, and virtually the entire STALKER page).

Rather than being moments of exceptionally satisfying storytelling, these entries are basically snippets of Let's Play, relating some shootout or whatever that the troper wishes somebody else had seen— but we never will. These are all the entries featuring lines like "For this troper, this area went down like blah blah..." or "This troper's character's best moment..."

It's the highly variable, often randomized stuff that happens during play. Cinematics or tightly scripted sequences feature CMO As all the time (cinematic FP Ss, anyone?) but those are a form of linear storytelling and perfectly appropriate for the concept. What should probably not be included are unique moments that emerge from gameplay, or worse, players bragging about their personal CMO As while playing.
10:09:22 PM May 8th 2012
edited by marioandsonic
Where did the "Player Accomplishments" category go? I can't seem to find it...

EDIT: Never mind, it was apparently cut.
12:52:01 PM May 24th 2012
Which is a shame considering it ruins every link to every competitive Starcraft reference.
09:53:49 PM Jun 26th 2011
Just throwing it out there - maybe CMOA related to player accomplishments should go under a "Competitive Multiplayer" folder or something? I might do something like that if it gets enough positive feedback here.
02:25:49 PM Apr 4th 2011
Can someone add the Resistance series of games? They had a LOT of awesome moments. —Nori Cartwright.
04:03:30 PM May 1st 2011
Yes.. you can..

If you want.. :)
04:05:46 PM Feb 1st 2011
going to put this here before I put it on the main page.. but is the crowd singing and clapping along when you do well in rock band 2 enough of a COMA to put here?

I'm not sure, so as I said I'll put this here first..:)
02:50:41 PM Feb 2nd 2011
I ask by theway because it's a fairly reoccuring thing.
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