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Tropers: Pixelmage
Pixelmage and his Catch Phrase.

A Brazilian Troper, born in 1991. Joined the wiki actively during the TvTropes The Wall Will Fall Alternate Reality Game. Pixelmage is a computer science student and a Geek, aspiring writer and curious as a cat.

Some accomplishments include having one of his Refictionalization Stories accepted into Canon in TWWF and running the Floating Castle RP in the former ARG's forums with the help of eli_gone_crazy; no longer directly involved in the Roleplay, but still a member of the forums.

Most definitely a cat person. But dogs are okay.

Tropes that apply to Pixelmage

Tropes go here. Can't think of tropes. (Good thing you've got me then >:D) This section is now less empty than before.

Vandalism area

  • This is a notice that you do in fact, "exist" and someone decided that spam-editing your page was a great idea. :D
  • Making a note here: this troper is more badass than his posts seem to allude to. >:D
  • Making a secondary note to reaffirm this factor and encourage said troper to give himself a profile already :P - Scarab

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