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12:08:57 PM Mar 14th 2014
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  • While agreeing with Rob on his complaining post about how she thought the show was bad, still calling both him and Doug out for making the review "a failure in many ways" and gaslighting female fan complaints of sexism with the "it's just a character" excuse.

This is worded a bit confusingly, and I haven't followed the That Guy with the Glasses guys properly since about 2012, (and started losing interest a good while before then) so I can't really fix it myself. The "failure in many ways" link leads to a reply to something on the Chick's Facebook wall, and are you trying to say that Rob's "complaining post" said that Lindsay disliked Sailor Moon, or that Lindsay agreed with a post Rob made that Rob thought Sailor Moon was bad?
12:22:03 PM Mar 14th 2014
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It's two different things, Rob did a post complaining about an article that discussed how sexist the Sailor Moon review was, and in his post comment section (somewhere here, it's filled with shitty people and I honestly don't have the spoons to go wading), Lindsay said that she agreed with the show being bad but that they were gaslighting. The "failure in many ways" was a later making her point known.